Using This Website

This is the How-To guide of using FunMeFit

We know that using a new social network can sometimes be confusing so we’ve created this little guide to guide you in your FunMeFit endeavors and help you get the most out of it as a service for you.

All members have to log in for their profile to be visible to the public and other members. If you don’t log in, we can’t promote or share your profile.

What happens when I log in?


Important: Remember, once you’ve created your profile and registered, we’ll need to approve you as a member before you can log in. We’ll let you know when we have done this and we’ll usually activate your account if you haven’t already done it through the activation e-mail you were sent upon registration.

Once our members log in whether they’re old or new, we’ll promote their personal profile across social media – this is the profile that you created upon registration and it’s what the public will see first.

What do I do when I’ve logged in?


When you’ve logged in, it depends on what your aims for using this website are. If you’re wanting promotion for your work, services or event, here’s what you need to do:

  • List your business or service in our Business Directory – it’ll help your Google ratings and help members of the public find your service easier.
  • Update your profile activity – (where it says “What’s new…?”) – on the Activity tab of your profile which will be open when you log in. Whatever you write in there will be promoted above what’s written on your profile if it looks to us like that’s what you want.
  • Look through our other members on the ‘Members’ tab – Connect with those individuals, groups, organisations and businesses who you feel you’d benefit from being connected to. You can add them as friends and private or public message them. You can also tag other members’ usernames in your updates, favorite their updates and invite them to join groups etc.
  • Invite your clients/business connections to join – The more people we have joining FunMeFit, the more people we can promote your business to and the more connections you can have. You can invite people via the FunMeFit ‘Send Invites’ facility that appears to the right on your profile page.
  • Create a group – You can create a group which is effectively a mini social network for your own purpose. You can view how others have created and used groups such as the Activity Sheffield Group and the Social Media Member Support Group. If you need a private area to communicate with other members or an open interest group, set it up and you can invite members and non-members to join it who can be e-mailed whenever you update it.
Important: If you ever have trouble finding how to get back to your profile to view your activity, just click on the
top right hand corner of your screen where it will say your name – if you click on it, you’ll be taken back to your profile.


There’s plenty more that you can do on FunMeFit and to maximise it to your advantage, it’s always best to connect with us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter too.

Make sure that you let us know your Twitter/Facebook
accounts so that we can add those in our promotional
Facebook updates and tweets. It’s always great if you can
show your support to other members too by connecting
with them on social media outside of FunMeFit.

Our social media accounts are:



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