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Top Unusual Sports To Try in Sheffield

February 2, 2016 in Children & Play, Families & Children, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Sport, Uncategorized, Women

Sheffield is a sporting city. Some of us see the Olympic legacy working here, some don’t. It’s hard to ignore the rise in sporting opportunities for young people and children across the city and there’s lots going off within the universities and colleges. However, outside of educational establishments, some of us, usually parents with careers, children and heavy financial responsibilities, struggle to fit sport into our working week.

If you want to get back  into a sport of some sort – perhaps now the children are at school and you have more ‘free time,’ you might want to give some of the more unusual and fun sporting activities a try to really boost your confidence and bring some adolescent, free-feeling fun back into your life.


Here’s our list of new things to try this year:


Roller Derby

There’s a big team for women age 16+ in Sheffield called the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls. They’ve just started recruiting for new members and although you have to apply for the kit as to buy your own can be expensive, this sport looks to be growing hugely in popularity across Sheffield. The sport comprises of wearing roller skates – yes, not roller blades and lots of protection including a helmet, arms and knee pads. Videos and information can be found on their website: SHEFFIELD STEEL ROLLERGIRLS They also have a big Facebook page and are all over other social media channels, also on FunMeFit as a member.



Although it’s not Baseball season yet, Sheffield’s own Bladerunners have weekly training sessions. We’ve all heard of the American sport but have you ever tried it? There’s very little to fork out for apart from subs of a few quid a session and it’s great fun in the great outdoors that Sheffield is blessed with. The season starts in April 2016 and updated information and contact numbers can be found on their website: SHEFFIELD BLADERUNNERS. They are also on Facebook and you can find their profile on FunMeFit too.



We’ve all heard of kickboxing and probably associate it with big blokes kicking the crap out of each other in a ring. These days, it’s a growing women’s sport and a great way to keep fit and tone those wobbly bits. Powers Martial Arts Centre in Stannington is a city leader in its friendly, approachable and well-equipped gym. Offering classes, 1-2-1 sessions, group sessions, family sessions, children’s classes – you name it, they can offer it. They even do safety training and self-defence classes to help local women stay safe. It’s best to catch them on Facebook at POWERS MARTIAL ARTS CENTRE.



No ropes, no fuss, just climbing up a rock with only yourself to rely on. Luckily for Sheffielders, there are a number of centres around Sheffield offering safer bouldering opportunities than tackling Stanage Edge. The Works in Sheffield is one of the largest bouldering centres in the world – it has everything you’d need to really explore this sport. Not only does bouldering work on just about every muscle in your body, it keeps you slim and keeps your mind active with problem solving tasks. It’s a great all-rounder for any age or ability. With the Mini Works for little ones where parents and children can climb together, there are no excuses. They also run courses and children’s classes. See THE WORKS website.



If you’d like to stay updated about any new sporting opportunities across the city and further afield, check out our Facebook Page and send us your ideas, photos or events and we are always happy to share.

‘Taylored’ running, as reviewed by a novice…

September 12, 2014 in Community Issues, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Sport, Women

If running is not your thing, meet Adam Taylor and you’ll change your mind. We all hear about the benefits of running and working the legs hard – weight loss, flat stomach, good for practically everything…it’s a great idea in principle.

For many of us however, it requires a LOT of effort and self-motivation to be able to get out of the house and prepare ourselves for what lay ahead – a run.


Adam Taylor with a client.

Adam Taylor with a client. Source: Website

Kate from FunMeFit gave Taylored Running a go…


“I’m not going to lie, I’ve struggled with self-motivation and discipline when I’ve finally got the kids to sleep of an evening. Everyday, I think, today, I’ll make time to go for a run and stop eating chocolate. The idea deludes me into thinking that I am fitter than I actually am. At least I’m ‘thinking’ about running…

When FunMeFit member and supporter, Adam Taylor of Taylored Personal Training and Running Groups, Sheffield asked if I wanted to go out for a run, I said, casually, “yes, that would be great.” To my surprise, I found a spare hour of one day and decided to actually take him up on the offer.

Adam met me with a big smile and despite us only having met previously on social media; I was re-assured by his calm and friendly nature – I’ve heard a lot of people discussing how they feel scared by some Personal Trainers with the bully-bootcamp ethos. This couldn’t have been further from Adam’s reassuring attitude.

We started jogging almost straight away – I was looking forward to a steady mile or so through the beautiful Endcliffe Park, Sheffield. At my steady jogging pace, we discussed how we both enjoyed keeping people active; we discussed how children keep you active, how there is such little time to actually ‘exercise’ on your own with children and whether or not parents can use the excuse for non-exercise on having children around.

Adam said I could walk whenever I needed to so after 10 minutes, I took him up on that offer – a bit of stitch, a bit of nervous exhaustion and randomly, a bit of headache. After 5 minutes of easy walking and more chatting, he suggested we run again – I really didn’t want to appear weak or incapable so I agreed.

After this, I seemed to move my thoughts away from the effort of actually running and concentrate on the trail we were running along, my breathing (as often through your nose as possible, according to Adam, aids running), the sounds and the conversation. It felt really liberating compared to being stuck in a house or an office in front of a computer.

If out on my own running, I would normally have stopped at the first hurdle – the stitch and headache. I’d have walked home with the satisfaction of at least ‘doing my bit.’

However, when you have someone to reassure you that you’re actually fitter than you thought and telling you how easy it is to build your stamina for running if you do it regularly, it’s amazing how much further your body can continue.

Before I knew it, I had run 6km with only 3 walking periods in total (less than 5 minutes each). Adam, had recorded the journey on his special watch-thingy and I was thrilled but exhausted at the same time. When we got back to the ‘adult playground’ in Endcliffe Park, he took a piece of equipment from his bag (yes, there are special bags just for running), it looked like a large material belt with handles at each end. It was for looping over the pull-up bars and for stretching muscles on.

I thought I’d be aching for days after the run but with just a few short stretches and a bit of a cool down, I felt great; starving, but great.

Adam made the run feel like less effort than when I go running alone. It made such a difference to have a knowledgeable, supportive trainer with me. I’d actually had fun. I’d pushed my boundaries, combated the fear of running past my comfort zone and had dared to run until I was truly exhausted – we’d only been out for an hour!

Strangely, I had more energy that day to play with the children (I have a 2 and a 3 year old). My mind was working more efficiently, I felt positive and like I’d achieved something major.

I know that there are people who run every day and those who won’t even entertain the thought, but as a distance-running novice, I would definitely recommend experiencing running with Adam.

I’m addicted now; I want to run all the time. I have learned that giving up straight away isn’t always the best thing to do and that making an extra effort is worth it! It doesn’t matter who you are, what your weight, what your ability, what your circumstances, if you have the support from a knowledgeable professional like Adam, you can achieve anything.”

Tel: 07837 544 845

Have a Green Gym Day!

June 6, 2013 in Children & Play, Community Issues, Events, Families & Children, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Sport



When I was asked by our New York partner, Nancercize if I wanted to be involved in co-organising an international day to celebrate local parks and encourage more people to enjoy the outdoors, the yes came without any hesitation.

Part of what I do at FunMeFit is try to promote a healthy, active and largely outdoor lifestyle. What we and many more around the western world seem to be forgetting, worryingly, is that the outdoors is where our natural home is, it’s what makes us feel alive, it’s what we as human beings need – to be with nature and realise our place in it.

We can laugh at the television all day and think that’s ‘living’. Research shows that an increasing number of us are settling for a sedentary lifestyle and yes, it’s easy, it’s convenient and we feel we have everything we need in our gadget-filled homes. But what we are missing out on is the sense of being part of something bigger, something unpredictable and something that is more natural for our physical and mental well-being.

Some of us feel like caged wild animals when we spend too long indoors and that’s probably because we were outdoors a lot as children. If children don’t experience the outdoors enough, it’s been suggested that they grow up without a sense of belonging to nature and ultimately will not develop into a balanced and happy adult.

Since we live in cities filled with other people, cars, buildings and lots of noise, more often than not, our only opportunities to connect with nature are provided by our local parks and green space. Many of us spend little or no time at all in local parks, not seeing the relevance of them or the need for them.

So, whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, give your local park a chance. Give nature a chance. Be part of Green Gym Day on Sunday and if you’re reading this, I’m not asking you to be in your park all day or to spend time there foraging for nuts and berries. I’m asking that you give your park a chance to show you what it has to offer. Take a walk, listen to your surroundings, play with your children, watch the birds, feel the sunshine (or rain) on your face and if you don’t feel slightly happier or you don’t see any benefits for your family at all then write and tell me.

If you support getting more people enjoying the great outdoors and want to be in your local park on Sunday, register what you’ll be doing and find a list of suggestions on the Green Gym Day Website. Join the movement, make friends with nature and celebrate your family and your local parks.

By Kate Hill, Founder of FunMeFit and busy mum of two little ones!

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Volunteer for FunMeFit!

November 2, 2012 in News, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

Fancy doing something different with your free time?

FunMeFit are looking for a Volunteer to work with us on helping get local people active, promoting us on social media, events organising, promoting members, charity fundraising & awareness, assisting with paperwork and some other jobs!


Experience not always necessary, just a willingness to make a difference in the community & possess an ability to work hard and be part of a team. Good communication & written skills would be an advantage but the position can be altered according to individual skills & experience.

Must possess own Laptop/Computer with access to internet.

Could lead to a paid position in the future.

Flexible hours but at least 6 Hours per week +

Must be based in the South Yorkshire Area.

Call Kate on 07854 682323 or contact me via social media or via e-mail:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Healthy Fun at Halloween (Read if you dare!)

October 27, 2012 in Regular Updates, Uncategorized

FunMeFit Love Halloween! We’ve got a few ideas to make Halloween extra fun and scary too – a bit of scaring is great for kids and their overall health and well-being!

Remember, Halloween should be a time of fun and play for the kids as well as a time to eat lots of sweets!

Here are some great scary play ideas for you to plan:

1. Play ‘Monsters in the Dark’ – turn all the lights off in the house, capture one of the kids and keep them in one room with you and pretend to sleep – the other kids have to quietly rescue the prisoner without waking you up! If they wake you, chase them! It keeps their hearts & yours beating fast!!

2. Trick or Treat Football – When you’re out with them Trick or Treating, take a football too and have a scary costume football game with others who are out! Use your sweetie bags as goal posts!

3. Have a fun Halloween Dance Off – with family and friends. Play classic tunes like Micheal Jackson’s Thriller and see who’s got the best and most Zombie-like moves! This may be dad’s chance to shine with some embarrassing ‘dad dancing!’

Tell us your fun healthy Halloween Tips! On FunMeFit, Facebook or Twitter.

Have a super scary and ghoulishly healthy Halloween!

Qigong Benefits from Regular Practice of Key Routines

October 12, 2012 in News, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

Contributed by our great member @peterallsop –

On September 9, 2012 by Sifu Peter Allsop

The Practice of Qigong

These are a by-no-means-exhaustive list of benefits from regular 5 Elements Qigong practice. One 30 minute-or-so session isn’t enough for measurable improvements which spring from regular, repeated practice over a period of time. In China local Qigong Coaches lead practice in Parks and open spaces.

1. Qigong improves general metabolic functions, particularly digestion and elimination of waste products. Qigong is also excellent for weight-control purposes. Regular practice encourages youthful appearance and balanced energy.

The 5 Elements: Fire (Red), Metal (White), Water (Blue), Wood (Green) and Earth (Represented by the Central Taiji Symbol) Each Correspond With One of the 5 Major Internal Organs Comprising the ‘Inner You’!

2. Qigong increases your tissues’ oxygen supply and generally enhances their overall health. It also increases your endurance, alertness and powers of concentration.
3. Qigong improves your immune system’s effectiveness so you become less prone to colds, contracting flu and succumbing to viruses generally. Regular Qigong practice means a faster recovery-rate should you fall ill.

4. Qigong alleviates arthritis and chronic fatigue bringing about improved circulation of the blood and other body fluids. It also enhances bodily mobility and flexibility of your major joints.

5.Lower abdomen movement generated during Qigong practice massages the major internal organs, rejuvenates the body’s internal systems functioning and delays aging (1).

6. Performing Qigong routines soothes the Central Nervous System producing feelings of contentment and serenity–an excellent remedy for stress and anxiety.

7. Qigong increases lung-capacity tremendously, improving your performance in a whole range of fields.

8. 5 Elements Qigong increases ‘inner you’ awareness of the 5 Major Internal Organs: Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Heart and Spleen and the invisible Qi-energies moving mysteriously within your body’s interior. Disorders amongst these ‘famous five’ are the most common causes of serious illness, premature death and aging.
5 Elements Qigong focuses upon enhancing and maintaining their balanced healthy functioning, likewise Shaolin health, youth and longevity training (2). 5 Elements/’Wuxing’ Theory, basis of this form of Qigong training, has been used in China for these purposes for over 2000 years.

Invisible progress within the body’s interior is difficult to measure but will-power and inner strength (needed when things get tough) increases in those who persist. Such routines feature within Shaolin Temple Monk Training. Ideally you need face-to-face tuition from a qualified Coach.

(1)’Qigong: 250 Year Old Master Li Ching-Yuen’ has more details.
(2) ‘Shaolin Kung Fu: Routines for Inner Strength and Longevity’ explores some of these
Peter Allsop
Peter Allsop M.Ed., UK Shaolin Qigong Coach is a Senior Student of Grandmaster Yap Leong and Senior Coach on his HYL (Health, Youth and Longevity) 5 Elements Qigong Programme. Peter is a Kung Fu Master, Feng Shui consultant and also author of recent eBooks on related topics.
Explore the free resources at or
Qigong and Kung Fu Master Peter teaches Classes in Sheffield’s Fitness Club, S1 2LG Wed/Thurs/ Sats (plus one-to-one sessions by appointment) as Grandmaster Yap Leong’s Senior Coach and Student.

Saturday October 27th October at the Fitness Club, Sheffield. S1 2LG
Grandmaster Yap Leong’s ‘Hyl (Health, Youth and Longevity) Energiser’ Qigong programme Foundation Module, plus Level 1 Qigong Coaching Course Award at the Fitness Club, Sheffield.
Offered also in London and Bracknell, Berks, please use the contact details for enrollment. Qigong Training at all levels is consistently available at the Fitness Club.