September’s Funding Spotlight

September 2, 2014 in Community Issues, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Other

1. Snapshot Fund

We have a small funding stream called ‘cash 4 clubs’ identified that has a deadline of 30th September.

The fund is specifically for sports clubs who are registered with their National Governing Body, or Local Authority. Any sports clubs that meets the criteria can apply for between £250 – £1000 worth of funding.

This is available to the Yorkshire area and Sheffield, so it may be of use to our members.

The funding can be used to maintain and create your sports clubs long term sustainability. This could be used for purchasing equipment, improving facilities or paying for additional coach training to develop your club.

These grants are only awarded once a year so we would encourage you to apply if you think you can benefit from any funding to improve your club.

Use this group for any questions, interact with member clubs via FunMeFit, or use the following links to go the funders website to find out specific information about the grant.

Application form download:

Terms and conditions:


2. Fishy Funding help

Sorry – I could not resist the headline! However the Environment agency is working with the Angling Trust around a project working with schools to encourage fishing.

It has been found that using fishing ‘as the hook’ can have wide social and health benefits including communication skills, concentration, discipline ad even impact on school and can even reduce crime and truancy.

There are a team of regional officers who can help Schools set up fishing clubs and access grant support to improve facilities.


3. £1000 funding for registered charities

The Truemark Trust distributes small pots of funding to UK registered charities. National charities, salaries, core and funding for individuals are not accepted. Locally small charities are preferred but can be based anywhere in the UK.

Application is by writing – using the details below. We have very little information on the funding themes for this particular trust. However projects must demonstrate innovation in their community approach.

We would suggest contacting them to establish whether your project is suitable. To demonstrate innovation try and unpick all the things that are different about your project and highlight these as the innovative part.


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Truemark Trust

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