Time for Man V Sport

March 6, 2013

Check out our first ever Man V Sport video thanks to our amazing member @dolomite-training! This Yorkshire-based company offer some exciting outdoor activities for all groups and abilities.

Mountain Biking is the first  extreme sport to be tested on the Man V Sport channel! Want to add yours?

See what it’s all about: 


In his quest for a healthier lifestyle, the overweight ginger man has various sporting challenges and thrill-seeking endeavours in his sights. His sole mission is to prove that anyone can do sport, anyone can take part in community activities and anyone can get motivated no matter how many years have gone by where the sofa and TV seemed like the more appealing option.

It’s not just about what he posts though. We want your videos, funny or just informative, if they encourage people to partake in fun, exercise or community activities, then we want to post them. Creating an active community in 2013 has to start through the force of the internet, unless you’re already out there getting active, then you’re already way ahead of the game. Well done you!

So, what can we expect from the Man V Sport YouTube channel?

  • Funny videos (not featuring cats)
  • How-to guides of various sports
  • Man V Sport Challenges
  • Featured member videos
  • How not to do sport
  • Activities that are borderline insane – Extreme sports (must have relevant health & safety messages)
  • Community Events and Fun
  • How our international friends keep fit
  • Other – the videos that don’t fit into the above categories…

There you have it. Absolutely thrilling to watch. No reason whatsoever why we can’t make the Man V Sport channel something that inspires our community to get active, be involved in something or just have some fun.

If you’ve got a video that fits into one of the above categories or want to be involved in the production of Man V Sport films, contact us and we’ll review your work declaring it as suitable for human eyes or unsuitable for public interest.

Peace to the world.

Man V Sport – The ginger man who’s not afraid to get off his sofa