Being a Strongman…

November 1, 2014

As most of you know, I am an all-round, quality athlete. When I was asked to go down to Frickley Athletic Football Club in a small town called South Elmsall, I thought I’d be put on the pitch as a star striker. It turns out that there was a different sporting event on – Yorkshire’s Strongest Man 2014.

When I arrived, I was quite surprised to see that many of the men competing had similar physiques to me and about the same weight as me. In fact, I’ve never been to a sporting event where I’m one of the lightest in weight – what an advantage, I thought! I went down onto the pitch and spoke to some guys who were organising the day called Hulks Strongman Division – Mark Anglesea – seemed quite nice. I knew they wanted to ask me to compete because of my obvious, natural ability. I think they were a little intimidated by my presence so I was asked to wait in the stand and get off the pitch.

I chatted to Britain’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall and filmed my strongman pals doing some heavy-looking lifts before taking on something called the Super Yolk? I eat at least two eggs a day in my bacon and egg sandwich so I’m guessing I’d have been the winner of this event without question. I still can’t understand why the other guys decided to run carrying a metal frame with weights on…

I didn’t get why they wanted to strap themselves to a van like a horse with a harness either. Seems to me like these guys should just be letting a horse pull that van if it was stuck in the mud – maybe they like a bit of horse-play, who knows.

Anyway, I filmed some footage on the day that I thought I’d share on my blog. I’ll soon be updating the blog with my own videos of my strongman efforts, showing all the guys how it’s done. All those late night pizzas have definitely been worth while for one sport..

Here’s my mate, Kate chatting to Phil Roberts, Sheffield’s Strongest Man and FunMeFit member: