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Introduction to Running

As one of the cheapest sports you can do, running is the egalitarian sport. There is no expensive gym membership or equipment – all you need is a good pair of trainers and a local common, park or even road network.

Paula Radcliffe and Victoria Pendleton are both famous female runners, flying the flag for women in sport. Running demonstrates women’s strength, endurance and grace. Running was one of the most-watched sports in the 2012 Olympics, with Jamaica’s Usain Bolt the winner of three gold medals.

Running is en vogue and you need to get involved.

Scientific evidence demonstrates the beneficial effects that running can have on mental health, partly to do with the release of endorphins by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. This can arise as a result of the “runner’s high” and being out in nature. So you can increase your happiness levels if you make running a regular habit.

As with any sport, but especially with a high impact sport like running, it’s important to have proper training if you’re going to avoid injury.

There are many reputable clubs in Sheffield providing affordable services and they can all be found on FunMeFit’s Members’ Directory!

The Running Coach

The Running Coach is a fantastic Sheffield-based organisation offering affordable services to athletes of all abilities who use running in sport.

Providing coaching to amateurs as well top athletes, a session with The Running Coach will have your form corrected, increased knowledge of how to prevent injuries and your technique significantly improved.

Their structured interactive and practical coaching sessions are designed to assess your current running style, and have you practicing skilful running by the end of your first session!

Running support services are available which provide existing clients the opportunity to train and receive assessment with a Technique Instructor during the run, with a choice of road running, trail and fell available.

They say:

“We believe by arming our clients with the knowledge of running biomechanics, firsthand experience of running skilfully and exercise drills to help develop their flexibility and movement, our clients have the greatest opportunity to successfully transition to injury-free, efficient running.”

Contact The Running Coach for expert advice and training. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Visit this webpage for more information about them and some helpful running tips.

Fell Running Guide

There are all different types of running, ranging from long distance, sprinting to hurdling … There is also a variety of terrain that can be used in running such as road, trail and fell. Fell running is especially suited to parts of Sheffield.

The Fell Running Guide takes its members out into the Peak District, providing equipment, navigation skills and running training, as well as nutrition advice.

Experience the breath taking views and magnificent English landscape with this exciting club. In case you’re worried about not keeping up, the emphasis is on maintaining a steady pace and having fun!

Their next course is on Saturday 12th October. Email Dave to book your place. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Derbyshire Dynamos

The aim of Derbyshire Dynamos is to encourage new joggers to take part in local, fun, sociable, leader-led walking, jogging and running groups.

Unusually, it is a virtual running club for the people of Derbyshire set up in partnership with Jog Derbyshire.

It affords the opportunity and peace of mind of being an affiliated runner without the demands of attending scheduled club runs. This would fit in perfectly if you’ve got family or work commitments to juggle but are interested in joining a running club.

There are still training options for those who want them, as Derbyshire Dynamos has an impressive number of groups spanning the county, and all of them are keen to recruit new members.

All types of jogging and running are covered in their training programs. From absolute beginners to 20 milers, from road to fell running, there really is something for everyone.

Like them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Apply here.

Even More Benefits of Running

Running is a great way to earn money for charity as the Brighton Colour Run in partnership with Stand up to Cancer has recently demonstrated. Training can also provide a fun focus for your life, getting you fit and meeting new people. As a runner you are part of a whole community with a host of events to aspire towards. Find a list of them here.

Share your running stories and resources with the FunMeFit community on our Discussion Boards. Happy running!

By Catherine Heath

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