Effective Direct Mail

June 12, 2013 in Products & Reviews

With the movement towards digital media and email marketing its easy to forget that direct mail still has a place in any marketing strategy.

With more business using email marketing as a sales tool, direct mail is now more than ever a great way to get your business or service noticed.

So stand out from the crowd and increase your sales by using a time served method of marketing.

Top tips for  direct mail:

1. Get yourself Noticed – Use a well written heading/copy-line and make sure the creative is intelligent and engages with your customer base.

2. Engage with the Reader – Its all about the benefits that they will receive by using your product or service.

3. Make them want it – Use offers and incentives to try and clinch a sale. Make it harder for them to resist.

4. Easy point of contact – Make sure the call to action is strong and visible.

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