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Under this area you will also find the following pages:


Discussion Board – An area to meet other people in your community, chat, add your sports events and activities or send us some feedback.


Groups – This is the great area of FunMeFit where you can set up your own group for whatever activities or interests you have, invite others to join from your mailing list or invite other FunMeFit members to and you can have your own private discussion area. Whenever you update the group with information, i.e. weekly meet-up times, your group members will be informed via e-mail.


Members – Here you’ll find the list of all our members. Our members include individuals, clubs, community groups, organisations, charities, other activity providers and businesses. Those who appear at the top of the list are the ones who have been active recently. You can also choose how you view the members i.e. Alphabetically if you’re searching for someone in particular.


Supporters – This is a page where we display all those who support our work. We display their logo and website link to thank them for offering to be one of our supporters. We try to promote them on a regular basis.


Links – Here are our list of useful links for our users and visitors. We hope to keep updating these and are always looking for suggestions of websites to add.

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