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New Marketing Services Menu & Prices

June 8, 2015 in Community Issues, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Other, Products & Reviews, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Over the last few months, we’ve been putting together a service menu for our members and non-members based on what services we’ve been asked to provide. Here’s a quick look at what we offer and at what prices. We have a new testimonials page coming soon where you can see the feedback we’ve received from others.

Promotional Services for the Health, Community, B2B, Sports & Fitness Industries is a directory and a social network connecting you with the right people, promoting your brand across social media and helping you communicate with clients. We are now offering low-cost marketing, PR and copy-writing services to help you get noticed even more.

What we offer:

  • FREE Social Media Promotion – Join our free network & directory
  • £20-£50 a year – Monthly Social Media Promotion, Online Gallery, Contributors Blog, Offers Feed (services for different levels of membership). Upgrade your membership
  • £50 One Off Fee – Social Media Set-Up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube (if needed) including 30 minutes free consultancy about your social media strategy (either face to face, online or via telephone/Skype). Also includes a free social media ‘how-to’ page with resources.
  • From £30 Per Week – Social Media Management (handling all your social media needs to keep you in touch with your clients/generate further customer interest and raise awareness of your brand). Price dependant on level of service according to your business needs.
  • £30 Per Hour – Business Support Services (getting you set up in business, providing advice and connections to help your grow).
  • Approx. £50 Per 500 words – Copywriting (writing for your business, club, promotional material, print or websites). Depending on whether we need to spend a lot of time researching what we are writing.
  • £150 per 4 Hour Strategy Session & Write-up – Bespoke Marketing Strategy & Services – (looking at how you could best promote your work and raise awareness includes a marketing strategy and suggestions suited to your business).
  • £60 Per Press Release – PR (getting you into print through local/national media). We will write and send your press release out to contacts.
  • Events Vehicle (Harold) – Can be hired for community events, sports events etc. includes PA system. For extra services, in regards to events, please contact us for prices or see Harold’s own website: Can In A Van (coming soon).
  • Prices dependant on business needs – Branding, Websites and Design (getting you a logo and a brand identity, getting you online or helping you to develop your website to appeal to your customers/clients). Outsourced to Foster & Scott, our trusted, local design company.

Whatever you need, if you don’t see it listed as a service above, get in touch to see if we can help. We offer free consultations either via e-mail, telephone or face to face.

Kate Hill & Andy Picken


The Importance of Joining Business Directories

April 20, 2015 in Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Other, Sport, Uncategorized, Website Updates

As the owner of a business or organisation in 2015, being visable online is probably more important than the sign outside your shop.

The website is obviously your online shop window and depending on your trade, social media is either equally as important, more important or stands to support your website. What many of us forget to do when we are promoting our business and looking for free or low-cost ways to advertise is listing our business on directories. Directories come in all shapes and sizes – local, national or international.


At FunMeFit, we are proud to boast a fantastic, free directory with low-cost packages for those who want a little more from it. For many of our members, their listing on our directory means that they can be found more easily on search engines like Google. It’s a great way to create a prescence online even if you’ve not got a website for your business, services or sports club/organisation.

You can easily join our directory by clicking on this link, it’s FREE:

When people type in a service that you offer i.e. personal training in Sheffield, you want to be one of the first to pop up on their Google search – ideally, being in the top 5 listings means that you’ll rarely be ignored.

Why not set up a free listing on the FunMeFit directory – just join our community first by going here: (or go to our Join Us page) – leave it a few hours then Google yourself and see what pops up?

By creating a listing with us, you’re also helping our network grow and develop so we can offer the best services.

If you’d like a bit more help with promotion and making your listing look brilliant, our yearly packages start from £20 to a maximum of £50 for our Premium Service. With Premium, you’ll get a full gallery of your own to add pictures to, an offers feed to add offers, a contributors blog, a full page for telling others about your business and much more.

If you’d like help setting one up or need more information, contact

Need a website or a logo?

We work closely with our friends at Foster & Scott who designed our website. Through them, we can offer a whole range of services including website design, branging and logo design, social media services and marketing services plus much more.

Together we have also developed a number of low-cost packages for sports clubs and organisations who need a bit more help with promotion. Just ask if you’d like to know more.

You can check out Foster and Scott here:

We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous summer 2015!

Get Noticed in 2014

March 5, 2014 in Community Issues, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Products & Reviews, Uncategorized, Website Updates

As many of you have heard, we’re now working alongside Sheffield-based design agency Foster and Scott to help businesses and organisations raise awareness, communicate with their audience and look good doing it.

Unfortunately, the times of putting a sign outside your shop as the only means to market yourself are long gone. Now more businesses, charities and organisations have to incorporate social media, a website, branding, events and so much more into their business strategy just to get noticed. If someone passes your shop in the car and they’re interested in what you’re selling but they don’t have the time to stop, where do you think they will find out more about you? You’ll be typed into Google and hopefully, your website and associated links/listings will pop straight up.

Some people might not look twice if your business doesn’t connect with them. Connecting with your audience is all about branding, good design and knowing how to attract your passers-by through good marketing i.e. events, offers and even some good flyers and posters. That’s why we’ve teamed up with another positive business that also works to raise the profiles of businesses in the community but who can offer services to compliment what FunMeFit offers its members.

For many FunMeFit members, listing on the directory and community is just one way to get noticed. Yes, we’re not the biggest website in the world but every little helps and if you Google your business, your listing on FunMeFit will appear – hopefully close to the top.

Although we mostly focus on promoting health, sport and well-being related businesses and organisations, by teaming up with Foster and Scott, we’re going to be able to help a wider range of businesses across the UK community.  Their portfolio is impressive and with services ranging from website design to branding, digital communications and photography, we’re looking forward to getting more businesses and organisations noticed in 2014, together.

There’s no time like the present to start communicating effectively with your audience, getting your website right, getting consistent branding for your services and raise your profile.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about branding, websites, marketing, digital communications and more!
You can see Foster and Scott’s portfolio or read more about them here:

An Enterprising Team in 2014!

January 29, 2014 in Community Issues, Education, Events, News, Opportunities, Regular Updates, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Welcome to 2014! We hope it’s looking like a positive year so far and that all our Visitors, Members, Followers and Likers have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, for those who celebrate these festivities. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Late last year, we started a project with The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy based at The Sheffield College. We created the project for a group of students to work on that would be beneficial to the business and help them build skills instrumental to daily business management. So, since a lot of what we do is effectively marketing and promoting our lovely members, what better project to share than one of a marketing nature? 

The team were tasked initially with getting the FunMeFit name out there and helping FunMeFit get more members. We looked at ways to effectively attract more businesses to our new directory and the students were forthcoming with their research and marketing ideas. Their findings and suggestions lead to a number of changes to the FunMeFit website that visitors and members can expect to see in the coming weeks. We’ll also be promoting FunMeFit as a directory in 2014 and hopefully, our members will go on to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues so that we can grow as a network encouraging health, well-being and fitness in the community.

students from college

Ben, Aaron, Kate (FunMeFit) and Jhuma from The Sheffield College.


The team’s role has now developed into helping FunMeFit with a specific marketing avenue – a charity fundraiser. We hope that this will be a great way for them to learn about how businesses can really get involved in the community but also how fundraisers can be used to raise awareness for businesses too. We’ve already been proud to help many businesses, organisations and charities with fundraising efforts and last year, FunMeFit was thrilled to raise over £300 for the Sheffield branch of The Sick Children’s Trust. We also helped other charities with their fundraising and awareness raising.

SCT branching out

So this year, we look forward to continuing our positive community work and growing as a network and a business. We hope our members can share our work with others and we welcome our newest members to the community.

Useful Links:

The FunMeFit Business Directory

The Sheffield College

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

For charity fundraising marketing materials – Foster & Scott (Sheffield-based print & digital designers)



Promote yourself on our new Directory!

June 15, 2013 in Community Issues, Events, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Other, Uncategorized, Website Updates

It’s been a busy year so far for FunMeFit but we’ve finally managed to launch our new directory for members to add their businesses and services to. The best part is, it’s free for a basic listing.

We’ve been planning to directory now for about 2 years and once we told Foster and Scott (our lovely web designers) about it, they thought it was a brill idea!


The idea of it and of the FunMeFit community in general is that it helps to bring the community together in one place where the great work that many of our members do can be recognised and promoted.

The launch of our new directory means that all of our members can now list their business or services or clubs in a place where visitors to the website and other members can search for them by name, area or category.

As we can’t keep running FunMeFit without generating any revenue, we are also offering promotional packages for businesses that join the directory. If you want to list your business/group/club/service for free, that’s great but if you want to receive special features such as your own promotional page, a gallery of your images, your own contributors blog and an offers section that feeds through to our homepage then go Premium! We’re offering great rates and a lot in return. By upgrading, you’ll also be helping us keep FunMeFit going!


You can see what the packages have to offer here


“We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us through think and thin, everyone who has joined and offered their support and a big thank you to those who are spreading the word about what we do.

Keep telling your friends, family, sports clubs, neighbors, contacts and whoever else you can think of about FunMeFit because we want to expand the community so that it’s a really useful place for everyone to connect and discover what’s on in their community”.

Kate Hill, Founder.

You can also join us on Facebook

And on Twitter

A History of Cycling in Sheffield

November 13, 2012 in Medicine, News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Website Updates

Cycling in Sheffield – Then and Now  

Dr Jim Walker


This year’s Olympics, and characters like Bradley Wiggins, have inspired a resurgence in interest in cycling – even in the hilly terrain of Sheffield. The challenges faced by enthusiasts are not new…..

In June 1869 local papers had a new epidemic to report:


In Sheffield and vicinity, the symptoms of that alarming malady, the bicycle fever, are becoming daily more strongly marked and developed…

which might require ‘additional accommodation at the medical institutions of the town’ such as ‘extra facilities for the treatment of casualties’. Undeterred, the fabulous Browne Brothers appeared at the Alexandra Opera House in a display of bicycling dexterity, and in the same week the fever spread:

A Bicycle Club is being formed at the Shakespeare Inn, Gibraltar Street, and there is every prospect of its being a complete success.

(2 June 1869)

Tracing the beginnings of the fever leads us back a month earlier, when a Bicycle Club and Grounds were founded at Sharrow (near Wilson’s Snuff Factory), with a public launch at a crowded Pomona Hotel, with hundreds gathered outside to see a velocipede contest in which a bicycle of local firm Beck and Candlish of Brown Street was proven superior to one imported from Pickering of New York.

Prior to this, however, on April 20th 1869, the ingenious inventor Benjamin Gorrill had been first to announce his own make of ‘bicycle and tricycle velocipedes, of the best materials and workmanship’. He was the son of a scissor-maker of Eyre Street, and started as a scissorsmith, branched out into Orrery making and announced his new-fangled velocipedes (his son John Gorrill was an early rider in the Sheffield contests) from Cadman Lane, Sheffield. Elaborate planetary gear systems were a speciality, as noted in the Independent:

A most ingenious, skilfully constructed, and beautiful mechanism, showing the movements of the earth and sun, with other celestial phenomena, the work of Benjamin Gorrill, has been lent to the Museum…

The Brown brothers from Liverpool (before they added an ‘e’ to their name on the Alexandra stage) must have infected many with bicycle fever in a series of outdoor public displays on the 18th May, although the town’s physical geography posed a challenge:

Since the brothers have been in Sheffield they have tried to mount some of our hills, and have succeeded in getting up Snighill, Pond Hill, and have gone from Norfolk Street to Broomhill. In the afternoon of today they intend to try Paradise Square.

Crowds of locals held their collective breath as the brothers ‘made an attempt to rise Paradise Street’, noting that ‘from Westbar, all the way up, it is very uneven, being paved with very rugged boulders’, but they ultimately failed to conquer the final dozen yards near the top.

Henry Swan, curator of John Ruskin’s Museum which opened a few years later on Bell Hagg Road, Walkley, was another early pioneer of cycling, but Walkley’s uncompromising gradients presented the same problem and were only to be attempted by the truly dedicated. Swan promoted the benefits of athletic exercise, took in the invigorating air, maintained a strictly vegetarian lifestyle and was an advocate of the Cold-Water Cure.

His employer, however, was a critic of all mechanical transport, to be avoided ‘where it supersedes healthy bodily exercise’, famously denouncing steam engines but also objecting to bicycles:


I not only object, but am quite prepared to spend all my ‘bad language’ in reprobation of the bi-, tri-, and 4-,5-, 6 or 7 cycles, and every other contrivance and invention for superseding human feet…

                                                                                (John Ruskin)

Heavy steel velocipedes may not compare well to the carbon-fibre machines of today, but there were some early fore-runners. Surveyor Frank William Smith of the Hawthorns, Carr Road, Walkley, knew all about the state of the local roads (soon to be appointed Surveyor of Highways for Sheffield); and for health, comfort and practicality on the hills of Walkley he pioneered a bamboo bicycle (a London-based company advertised a ‘Special Racer’ weighing only 25lbs). His testimony in The Graphic, using words of heresy in a City of Steel, conjures an image of him gliding lightly up Blake Street or Bell Hagg Road past bemused steel-workers:

                Riding a Bamboo is indeed a pleasure which, to the riders of steel machines, is unknown.

                                                                (Walkley, 15 March 1897, the Graphic)


Bamboo never caught on, however, presumably because the cycles didn’t last – so ultimately the steel-makers had the last laugh….


Fun Me Fit News Blog!

July 20, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Uncategorized, Website Updates

We like to keep our special Members, Followers and Likers updated on what’s going on with FunMeFit as often as possible.

We’ve got so much support recently from individuals, groups and organisations all over the world that we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who believes in what the FunMeFit family are trying to achieve!

Here’s what FunMeFit have been up to in recent weeks:


News 1: FunMeFit have entered a competition! Please vote!

FunMeFit have entered a competition with to get some money to help us do more for families and sports/activity organisers all over the UK. If we can get enough votes and are popular, we could get £1,000 to help us pay for website developments in order to improve the website for our members.

Thanks to those who’ve already voted and if you haven’t, please take a minute out to do it now! Thanks 🙂


News 2: FunMeFit Event: Crosspool Healthy Family Fun Day

Our special and first ever event – Crosspool Healthy Family day is coming soon!! We’re aiming to raise plenty of funds for The Sick Children’s Trust – a wonderful charity with a Sheffield Appeal called Branching Out.

Our members and friends, Steve and Jane at Hallam Football Club, Crosspool, Sheffield have kindly let us use their great new club house for the day and we’re hoping to have plenty of activities for all the family, stalls with healthy living/family products on sale and some entertainment including a raffle.

We have come up against some opposition about the date/time of the event so this is subject to change.

Date: Sunday 16th September 2012

Venue: Hallam Football Club, Sandygate Raod, Sheffield, S10.

Time: 12-4pm


News 3: Matt and Oliver get into the Olympic Spirit!

Fun Me Fit’s Matt and Oliver get into the Olympic spirit in Sheffield. We were having a walk around the town centre when we met local fundraising hero John Burkhill. We went over to donate some change to his MacMillan Cancer Research Trolley as we’ve seen him walking the streets of Sheffield now for years to raise money. To our delight, he asked if little Oliver wanted to hold the torch – It was a yes of course, from his dad!

fun me fit matt and oliver Olympic torch


News 4: Website Updates

Website updates are coming soon! We don’t want to give too much away – if you’ve read the competition entry post on Spogo then you’ll know a little bit more than most. Basically our lovely web designers at Foster and Scott are helping us develop our website into something really great to use and a wonderful resource for the community.

We’re also hoping to start generating some funds to help us improve what Fun Me Fit can offer families and sports clubs and organisations. We’ve got lots of charity work and fundraising lined up so we can’t wait to help more!


News 5: Fun Me Fit expect baby number two next week!

If you’ve been thinking that response time has been slow and that the owners of FunMeFit have been ignoring you, take solace in the fact that we’re expecting our baby girl on 24th July – not that babies ever arrive on time!!

The immanent arrival has meant that Kate has not been as proactive with working on the FunMeFit side of things recently and has been concentrating on getting our small house ready for some big changes!

So, with our fingers crossed that everything goes well with labour and the baby, we’ll be back on track in a couple of weeks. Kate will also be blogging about getting back into shape post-pregnancy and always welcomes members’ suggestions!! I’ll give anything a go to get my stomach back!

Wish us luck 🙂


Fun Exercise For Families

June 13, 2012 in Regular Updates, Website Updates

With just 5 weeks till the founders of Fun Me Fit turn from a family of three into a family of four, I’ve found myself asking more and more what can families actually do together to stay active and have fun as part of their community?

I’ve been incredibly impressed by the amount of support we’ve received from our member sport clubs and organisations wanting to share and promote their sport to Fun Me Fit users. We’ve been lucky to get a wonderfully diverse range of sports clubs on board organising popular team sports like football, rugby, basketball, hockey and tennis but also a number of the more unusual sports and activities that many families may not know about. These more unusual sports and activities that families may not have ever considered include:

  • Dodgeball
  • Table Tennis
  • Water Sports
  • Cycling Clubs
  • Fun Zones
  • Bowls
  • Kickboxing
  • Karate & Tai Chi
  • Fun Running Clubs
  • Family Dancing Classes
  • Bootcamps

All these great family sports and activities come from our current members from all over the UK who run regular classes and events for you as a family, just you or just your kids.

A lot of these involve being outside in the fresh air, something which families are getting less of – it’s amazing how exercising out in the fresh air can improve your energy levels and get your feeling totally energized for the working/school week ahead. Outdoor exercise can help the whole family concentrate better, work harder and even get on better.

We promote all kinds of exercise and activities at Fun Me Fit, as long as your family is getting active and feels supported as a community, we’re interested in anything you’ve got to share or helping you set anything up that you’re interested in doing. Our Groups systems lets you form your own group whether you’re an established group or just an idea – set it up and invite people on your e-mails list and members of Fun Me Fit. 

If you haven’t already, suggest us to your friends and family so that you can all share what you’re doing through our community forum. Our exclusive membership system makes sure that spammers are not being allowed onto our website – everyone has to be approved by an administrator.

What’s new in brief?

  • Our website will be getting developed soon thanks to our great friends Foster & Scott, so you’ll be able to read the news blog from the home page, see all of the groups that have been set up, read active discussions, view members and see the Twitter news more clearly – if you have any suggestions, they’re always welcome on the Discussion Forum. We’ll also be developing advertising space to bring you interesting ads from relevant companies and organisations – we won’t let these get in the way of your Fun Me Fit experience!
  • We’ve got a great new supporter and partner in Penguin Kids Fitness who have the shared goal of trying to get more children exercising and having fun. We’re really looking forward to working with them and hope together we can improve our communities.
  • We’ll be planning some summer fundraising events to raise money for a couple of charities including The Sick Children’s Trust who are seeking more support on Twitter and Facebook to help them spread the word about their amazing work. They’re also looking for some great people and clubs to get involved in fundraising – even if it’s only a little bit!
  • We’ll soon be looking for some funding to help us continue what we do – it’s not been so easy for Matt and I with a growing family to support ourselves and Fun Me Fit so we’re always looking for sponsorship, funding or some support from businesses and organisations.
  • We’ve recently become associated with the wonderful Flip2BFit in the USA who offer some great board game activities to get your family moving around. We are looking to expand our presence overseas through forming links with great companies and organisations like Flip2BFit. If you’re not from the UK and like the look of what we’re doing, consider getting in touch and we’ll talk about what we can do together.
As a family-run organisation ourselves, our sole aim is to help you feel like part of a community made up of families, individuals, supporting sports clubs, organisations and local groups. As a mother, I want what’s best for my children and I hope that by bringing the community together and encouraging and supporting real sports groups and organisations and promoting them to help bring your family the best activities and sports, we can all feel like we’ve got the opportunity to bring our kids up in an active online and offline world.


Remember to Follow us on Twitter @FunMeFit and Like us on Facebook


Latest FunMeFit Magazine 21/5/12

May 22, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Read what we’ve been doing, what some of our members are doing and what’s new in the world of family exercise!

FunMeFit Article in Today’s Telegraph!

April 26, 2012 in News, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Our first real bit of media coverage thanks to the Sheffield Telegraph. Let’s hope we get more members and more fun things for families to do!

Let us know what you think on the Discussion Forums!

Big thank you to all of our Supporters!