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Yorkshire’s Strongest Man 2014 Report

October 25, 2014 in Community Issues, Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Sport, Uncategorized

For those that didn’t know, FunMeFit were heavily involved in co-promoting the Yorkshire’s strongest man 2014 competition, which took place on Sunday 19th October at Frickley Athletic FC’s JJ leisure stadium, South Elmsall.

The events included Log Lift, Deadlift, Super Yolk, Vehicle pull and atlas stones. The competition took place on the football pitch where boarding and matting were used to provide a stable platform. The hulks strongman team did an excellent job throughout the competition, moving equipment and changing over the events.

With 14 competitors battling it out across 5 gruelling events, including the world famous atlas stones and vehicle pull, a great spectacle was put on for the 500 plus crowd who came along to cheer their favourite strongman on.


FunMeFit provided the MC for the day, Andy Picken, whilst Kate and Matthew Hill had exclusive pitch and backstage access to film highlights of the event and interview some of the crowd and competitors – for FMFTV.

Our very own Phil Roberts, and current Sheffield’s strongest man, took part in the competition as the guys lined up on the pitch in front of the guest referee Eddie Hall, Britain’s strongest man 2014 from Stoke, and three times World strongest man contender Graham Hicks from Morecombe.

phil roberts sheffield Shaun

Phil Roberts, Sheffield’s Strongest Man by Shaun Morgan.

eddie hall shaun

Eddie Hall, Britain’s Strongest Man by Shaun Morgan.

Graham Hicks took time to give a quick pitch side interview for FunMeFit over the ground’s PA system to give his thoughts on the day. Thanks to Graham for taking the time out to do this which was appreciated by the crowd.

With a star studded line up of strongmen as guests and officials on the day, as well as two times record Holder and Hulks strongman promoter Mark Anglesea, the crowd took the opportunity to have their pictures taken with their hero’s before and after the competition.

No doubt when the strongmen grace our TV sets at Christmas time, spectators on the day will recognise them again, and will always have special memories of the day the Countries elite strongman came to Frickley Athletic FC in little South Elmsall.

This will include one 87 year old spectator who had a front row seat in our disabled area and gave an interview to the crowd with Andrew Picken. After watching the strongmen series on television every year it was his first live event, and he addressed the crowd with ‘”this is absolutely fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable”.

As the competition heated up, 20 year old Paul Smith really stepped up to the plate by winning the first event – the Hulks log press – an event requiring you to lift the bar from the ground, through the clean, and into an overhead press.

Mixing amongst some serious elite level strongmen, Paul really was a sensation on the day and despite coming sixth overall displayed huge future potential in the sport, which in strongman terms he is yet to peak in at such a young age. Well done Paul and one to certainly watch.

6 foot 5”, and PPS nutrition sponsored strongman Tom Shaw, was tipped as a hot favourite and gave the heaviest deadlift on the day- 380 kg (59 stone 11 pounds). Tom also displayed a blistering performance in the atlas stone event -the only competitor to complete all 5 stones.

Local man Mick Brown from Normanton, cheered on by a vocal crowd, stepped up the plate in every event, whilst always remaining calm, composed and consistently strong.

FunMeFit also grabbed a few words from Mick Brown’s wife Nicola, and Mick’s training partner over the PA who happily gave an insight into Mick Brown’s preparation for the event – for the benefit of the crowd.

As we continued throughout the competition the events became harder as the guys tired from giving so much early on in the competition. This is the point where strategy plays a big part. Who has reserved the most energy, left enough in the tank, or has the will power to put in a big effort in the last two events?

The super Yolk loaded up with 400 kg ( ( 62 stone) and consisting of a frame the competitors have to lift across the shoulders and carry over a 30 metre distance was a difficult event on soft ground.

Many of the guys didn’t make the full distance all gave credible performances, and those that did complete the distance demonstrated immense power and stamina to cross the line.

Soon to find out who had the best strategy in place, the competition resumed as the guys were hooked up to a 4.5 ton loaded van and pulled the vehicle across a 30 metre distance, the winner being the guy to cross the line first.

Next up, the competition finished with the Atlas Stones as the strongmen lined up on the field to await the outcome and standings. First, second and third place trophies glistened in the afternoon sun with prize money for the top three finishers, as the crowd fell quiet in anticipation of the result.

As the standings were calculated, suspense filled the air as the official score cards were presented to Eddie hall to announce the winners. We knew it was close, and as the excitement ramped up, Eddie Hall stepped forward with the microphone to announce the standings and top three podium finishers.

All competitors deserve huge praise for putting on a fantastic show and for being so kind to enable FunMeFit to interview them during the event and capture the drama of the day with video footage.

In third place was our very own Phil Roberts, followed by Tom Shaw in a well fought second place. However, after a short pause Mick Brown’s name echoed around the JJ leisure stadium as the crowd stood to their feet to cheer the winner and now the new Yorkshire’s strongest man 2014.

With a clear winner identified, and an appreciative crowd cheering every single competitor that contributed to a great show, the crowd held back for photos and to buy merchandise from explosive ape and PPS Nutrition.


Above: Andy from FunMeFit doing the microphone commentary for the day.


Kate from FunMeFit with Phil Roberts.


Above: Kate from FunMeFit with Eddie Hall.

YSM pics

Discussion reverberated around the stadium as spectators reflected on the competition and talked about their favourite event, strong man and the day as a whole. A truly memorable experience for all who witnessed something new at the JJ Leisure stadium.

As the sun continued to set behind the JJ Leisure stadium, and the crowd exited the ground, a calm silence fell around the ground as Frickley staff and the Hulks team cleared the staging and cleared the ground.

What took place at Frickley was a special event and a ground that will now hold fond memories to the top three competitors but especially our very own Yorkshire’s strongest man Mick Brown.

FunMeFit would like to express thanks to the following people involved in this great show;

Promoter Mark Anglesea, marketing manager Nici Pickering and competitors  Tom Shaw, Phil Roberts and Mick Brown for welcoming us to their training gym in Rotherham to interview them, and for putting on a great show at Frickley Athletic FC.

Notable mentions also go to the Hulks team – working tirelessly to set up each event and the two girls manning the turnstiles – a great all round team effort. Well done everyone at Hulks.

Frickley Athletic FC for the use of their ground, providing snack bar, stewards and bar staff on the day and the logistics of food storage, preparation and a very early start Sunday morning.

Links to Photos , video footage and more information
PHOTOS: Local South Kirkby professional photographer Shaun Morgan took some amazing shots on the day and his album can be found using this link: Shaun Morgan
To subscribe to FMFTV for free the link can be found above.


FunMeFit; sign up for free at to find out about community sport, events health and community activities across Yorkshire. 1 minutes registration.



The strongmen descend on Frickley Athletic FC

October 12, 2014 in Community Issues, Events, Families & Children, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Nutrition, Sport

The pitch at Frickley Athletic Football Club has never seen much more than a good football match or two but this month, the ground will be invaded by a crowd of epic proportions.

On 19th October, the giant competitors of Yorkshire’s Strongest Man 2014 will arrive in South Elmsall for an event like no other organised by Hulk’s Strongman Division, co-promoted by Yorkshire-based sport network, FunMeFit and sponsored by PPS Nutrition.

Image source: Hulks Promotions

Image source: Hulks Promotions

Fifteen of the strongest men from around the country including big names like Sheffield’s Strongest Man, Phil Roberts and Wales’ Strongest Man, Simon Johnston are already in the line up. Refereeing the competition is Britain’s four-time Strongest Man, Eddie Hall who at 6ft 3in tall, weighing 23 stone is not your average Frickley ref.

On the day, the competitors will have to complete a range of activities including the log lift, a tractor pull and a tug of war for which the winner will receive the first price of £500.

The event will also include a tug of war between the strongmen competitors and Frickley Athletic players and staff for entertainment purposes according to Andrew Picken, Frickley Athletic FC’s Commercial Manager: “The team at Frickley Athletic FC are always open to new ideas in order to provide our community with top class regional sport. As well as our main sport, football of course, we are looking at other ways to encourage people to come to our ground.

“By working with the Hulks strongman division, we are hope to provide a great day of sporting entertainment and something different for families in the area to come and see,” he added.

The event has already been promoted widely across social media in recent weeks and is set to be an action-packed, community show for all the family.

Mark Anglesea, Hulk’s Strongman Division organiser and two-time Guinness World Record holder said: “These are seasoned strongmen that can achieve the minimum lifts, for example the starting weight is 280kg. We make spectators very welcome and contribute to events being family orientated, plus the athletes love the encouragement and support.”

The event will take place at Frickley Athletic’s ground on Westfield Lane in South Elmsall on Sunday, October 19. The gates open at 11am and the competition starts at noon.

Tickets cost £5 and are available on the day at the ground. For more information visit:

To stay updated via social media, Like the Strongman Yorkshire Facebook event page:


Sir Steve Redgrave at National Sports Roadshow

August 13, 2014 in Community Issues, Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Products & Reviews, Sport, Uncategorized

National Sports Roadshow 2014 welcomes sporting hero, Sir Steve Redgrave as a supporter.

Following the success of last year, the National Sports Roadshow returns in October and with famous sporting names like Sir Steve Redgrave delivering the keynote speech, the event looks even more appealing for sports businesses and students alike.

Each roadshow provides a platform for employers, trainers and students to meet, talk and showcase their skills or opportunities with the first roadshow being held in London. Several other events will follow taking place around the country and in the north, cities such as Leeds and Liverpool will benefit from the sporting boost.

Sir Redgrave is supporting to ensure that the event can be part of the 2012 Olympic Legacy Programme according to Careers in Sport, the roadshow organisers, “Steve is committed to ensuring the event provides a lasting legacy for UK sport in the future.”

As the winner of 5 gold medals in the Olympics between 1984 and 2000 and now a motivational speaker at numerous sporting events around the country, Sir Redgrave will have been a real boost to the National Sports Roadshow this year.

The organisers of the roadshow have been “delighted” to welcome the sports icon to its list of supporters, among other sporting heroes and businesses across the UK.

careers in sport

FunMeFit are proud to be supporting The National Sports Roadshow this year. To read more about the roadshow and Careers in Sport, see their website or their profile on FunMeFit.

Watch The National Sports Roadshow’s Video:


The National Sports Roadshow





The Tour de France in Yorkshire

July 2, 2014 in Community Issues, Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Sport, Uncategorized

If you didn’t know that the Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire on 5th and 6th July (this weekend), then you must have been living in a cupboard. It’s here! How has it changed things for you?

There are yellow bicycles popping up across the county as the riders will be finishing stage 2 of the Grand Depart right here in Sheffield. Whether you’re native to Sheffield, Yorkshire or none of the above, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the small villages and towns along the route are benefiting from some well-deserved international attention.


Image Source: Welcome to Yorkshire

In Sheffield alone, beautiful hidden gems like Bradfield are coming to life to celebrate the riders’ cycling through. Events, activities and parties are being held by the local community, supported by local businesses to showcase what the rural communities have to offer.

International sporting events like this don’t pass through Yorkshire often, so in the few days before #TDF2014, make sure your business stands out for this once in a lifetime occasion. Get involved, tweet about it, post it on Facebook, share your local events and activities in celebration of it and most of all, enjoy it! Getting involved in the online conversation is important for all this weekend.

Let us know how you’ll be celebrating the Tour de France, what you’ve got planned and how it’s affected your business/home life. Has it got you on your bike again? Or like me, do you just want to be as fit as those cyclists? However the Tour de France affects you and/or your business, send us your experience and we’ll share in our next blog.


An American Sports Day

May 25, 2014 in Children & Play, Community Issues, Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities, Sport, Uncategorized

Many of us at some point in life have tried British-founded sports such as cricket, football and rugby. They’re a popular sight in our local communities; a culture that defines whole groups of people.

Let’s take Sheffield for example. You’re either a blade (Sheffield United FC) or an owl (Sheffield Wednesday FC). The city as many cities are, is segregated (during a derby match mainly) by two colours – red and blue.

In recent years, there has been an invasion. An invasion of ‘American Sports’ into British culture. Instead of being a trend that many of us would’ve envisioned as an outcome, they seem to be sticking around. These sports that have jumped across the ‘big pond’ like Baseball, American Football, Lacrosse and Dodgeball that we’re rarely played over here have become fashionable, interesting and in some cases, fun.

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Over the last couple of years, the FunMeFit network has seen a growth in ‘American Sports Clubs’ popping up around the UK. As children, we never tried any of these sports. Perhaps we found a form of dodgeball fun in our sports halls and physical education lessons but very few of us have had the chance to get involved properly or had the opportunity to join a club and a league.

As an alternative to any sports event or community sports day this year, and to ‘throw a stone between the roses,’ we’ve decided to ask a few of the local ‘American Sports Clubs’ to come together and plan with us a sports day with a difference. The day also ties in with our annual Green Gym Day founded by our lovely New York partner, Nancercize. A day to celebrate local parks and enjoy all the green space they have to offer.


On Sunday 15th June 2014, officially Father’s Day in the UK, FunMeFit is helping to co-ordinate and promote the first American Sports Day in Stannington Park, Sheffield as a way of celebrating these sports, one of our local parks and getting more families outside in the fresh air, enjoying some active fun. What a better way to spend time with dads and granddads than some friendly inter-family competition? With help from FunMeFit member Leeds Academy of American Football, a Leeds-based club that is starting to branch out into Sheffield, who have developed a Flad American Football Academy for children and young people, the event promises to be lots of fun for all ages and abilities.

LAAF new 2

No community games event would be complete without a charity to send any profits to. In keeping with the local community focus, the day will be in aid of local charity and nursery, Jack and Jill Pre-School Stannington where the raffle and donations will go towards purchasing new sports equipment for the children at this small village nursery.

With the introduction of American sports to the mostly rural community of Stannington, it will be interesting to see how the locals and those from the surrounding areas take to an alternative sports day and whether it can be the start of a more active lifestyle for some. Perhaps some children will develop an interest for these sports and subsequently the local schools will look to embrace them into their activities.

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Either way, the day proves to be a trial and an introduction to these sports for the local community and if there’s no uptake or new members for the clubs following it then we’re sure that the majority of people there will at least have some fun! That’s what life’s about.

We look forward to seeing you there on Sunday 15th June between 10-1pm. The schedule for the day will be posted in due course.

You can join the group for Stannington American Sports Day or view it on our Facebook Page. If you’d like more information or want to get involved in the day, please e-mail us at:


Sheffield Support for Local Boxer

April 24, 2014 in Community Issues, Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Nutrition, Sport, Uncategorized


 Left to right: Peter Moulam (PJ taste founder) , Adam Etches (IBF  youth middleweight title boxer), John Fitzpatrick (PJ taste founder)


Sheffield based professional boxer Adam Etches, aka the bomber, tasting success with support from caterers PJ Taste

 Adam Etches, promoted by the boxing legend Ricky Hatton, still remains unbeaten as he aims to bring back titles to his hometown of Sheffield. But, apart from the boxing, Adam’s active lifestyle and nutrition forms the backbone of his success in the sport. FunMeFit decided to catch up with Adam and find out more about his new partnership with local business P J taste.

PJ taste, based at 249 Glossop road Sheffield, know a thing or two about the importance of nutritious and healthy food. Best of all you don’t have to be a professional sports person to benefit from eating it with all the ingredients sourced locally.

PJ taste are providing Adam with a delicious range of wholesome foods to complement his high intensity training schedule, and to make sure his body recovers with the help of a balanced and carefully planned meal plan.


Adam said, “P J taste are providing me with meals throughout the week to allow me to concentrate on my training and boxing, which is fantastic. I generally pick up my freshly prepared food for the day from their shop. I’m really appreciative of the support they are giving me. I cannot emphasise the importance of eating ‘clean’ food – by that I mean balanced meals that provide essential nutrients that can benefit anyone, not just a boxer. It’s fantastic to have the support of local business”.


FunMeFit are working with Adam to follow his journey through the sport of boxing, and to help create awareness of his excellent work raising funds for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. Fulfilling his role as ambassador for the Charity, Adam hopes to raise vital funds by joining another boxer, Scott Jenkins and matchmaker Richard Poxon, to cycle the famous ‘La Mont Blanc’ – a gruelling 138km ride through the Italian Alps in July 2014.

We will feature more on Adam, and his challenge, however in the meantime if you would like to follow Adam’s meal plan with PJ taste there is a special blog at Adam Etches a week of nutritionally balanced meals – why not take a look.


If you would like to support Adam’s fundraising efforts for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity you can do so at

We are looking forward to welcoming Adam and P J Taste as members of FunMeFit soon so you can stay updated about their great work in the community.

                                                                           Pictures courtesy of the Sheffield Star


Championship Boxing 26th April – Sheffield

Adam is also due to fight in the Championship Boxing Event this weekend at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. If you’d like more information, click on the image below to be taken to the Ricky Hatton Promotions Website.


An Enterprising Team in 2014!

January 29, 2014 in Community Issues, Education, Events, News, Opportunities, Regular Updates, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Welcome to 2014! We hope it’s looking like a positive year so far and that all our Visitors, Members, Followers and Likers have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, for those who celebrate these festivities. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Late last year, we started a project with The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy based at The Sheffield College. We created the project for a group of students to work on that would be beneficial to the business and help them build skills instrumental to daily business management. So, since a lot of what we do is effectively marketing and promoting our lovely members, what better project to share than one of a marketing nature? 

The team were tasked initially with getting the FunMeFit name out there and helping FunMeFit get more members. We looked at ways to effectively attract more businesses to our new directory and the students were forthcoming with their research and marketing ideas. Their findings and suggestions lead to a number of changes to the FunMeFit website that visitors and members can expect to see in the coming weeks. We’ll also be promoting FunMeFit as a directory in 2014 and hopefully, our members will go on to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues so that we can grow as a network encouraging health, well-being and fitness in the community.

students from college

Ben, Aaron, Kate (FunMeFit) and Jhuma from The Sheffield College.


The team’s role has now developed into helping FunMeFit with a specific marketing avenue – a charity fundraiser. We hope that this will be a great way for them to learn about how businesses can really get involved in the community but also how fundraisers can be used to raise awareness for businesses too. We’ve already been proud to help many businesses, organisations and charities with fundraising efforts and last year, FunMeFit was thrilled to raise over £300 for the Sheffield branch of The Sick Children’s Trust. We also helped other charities with their fundraising and awareness raising.

SCT branching out

So this year, we look forward to continuing our positive community work and growing as a network and a business. We hope our members can share our work with others and we welcome our newest members to the community.

Useful Links:

The FunMeFit Business Directory

The Sheffield College

The Peter Jones Enterprise Academy

For charity fundraising marketing materials – Foster & Scott (Sheffield-based print & digital designers)



A Recycled Christmas Guide

December 1, 2013 in Children & Play, Community Issues, Events, Families & Children, Latest Articles, News, Uncategorized

Christmas similarly to other religious celebrations is about being with family and friends, being part of a wider community and celebrating life. Much of this seems to have been bypassed in recent years by the need to buy expensive, brand new material gifts for family and friends – a lot of the time quite pointlessly.

In the latest blog, “A Recycled Christmas,” FunMeFit Founder, Kate Hill, discusses why buying brand new Christmas presents is not always the answer to having a happy, fulfilling Christmas. Just as importantly for the struggling family, there are ways and means to get those longed for children’s presents without breaking the bank.

You’ll find the link to the blog below but just remember, Christmas is about your family and the community, not just about those presents. There are plenty of ways to help your community during the festive season and pretty soon, we’ll be posting our next blog about helping those in need.


A Recycled Christmas


Wishing you all a great run up to Christmas!

Like to Run

October 4, 2013 in Community Issues, Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Sport, Uncategorized

Introduction to Running

As one of the cheapest sports you can do, running is the egalitarian sport. There is no expensive gym membership or equipment – all you need is a good pair of trainers and a local common, park or even road network.

Paula Radcliffe and Victoria Pendleton are both famous female runners, flying the flag for women in sport. Running demonstrates women’s strength, endurance and grace. Running was one of the most-watched sports in the 2012 Olympics, with Jamaica’s Usain Bolt the winner of three gold medals.

Running is en vogue and you need to get involved.

Scientific evidence demonstrates the beneficial effects that running can have on mental health, partly to do with the release of endorphins by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. This can arise as a result of the “runner’s high” and being out in nature. So you can increase your happiness levels if you make running a regular habit.

As with any sport, but especially with a high impact sport like running, it’s important to have proper training if you’re going to avoid injury.

There are many reputable clubs in Sheffield providing affordable services and they can all be found on FunMeFit’s Members’ Directory!

The Running Coach

The Running Coach is a fantastic Sheffield-based organisation offering affordable services to athletes of all abilities who use running in sport.

Providing coaching to amateurs as well top athletes, a session with The Running Coach will have your form corrected, increased knowledge of how to prevent injuries and your technique significantly improved.

Their structured interactive and practical coaching sessions are designed to assess your current running style, and have you practicing skilful running by the end of your first session!

Running support services are available which provide existing clients the opportunity to train and receive assessment with a Technique Instructor during the run, with a choice of road running, trail and fell available.

They say:

“We believe by arming our clients with the knowledge of running biomechanics, firsthand experience of running skilfully and exercise drills to help develop their flexibility and movement, our clients have the greatest opportunity to successfully transition to injury-free, efficient running.”

Contact The Running Coach for expert advice and training. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Visit this webpage for more information about them and some helpful running tips.

Fell Running Guide

There are all different types of running, ranging from long distance, sprinting to hurdling … There is also a variety of terrain that can be used in running such as road, trail and fell. Fell running is especially suited to parts of Sheffield.

The Fell Running Guide takes its members out into the Peak District, providing equipment, navigation skills and running training, as well as nutrition advice.

Experience the breath taking views and magnificent English landscape with this exciting club. In case you’re worried about not keeping up, the emphasis is on maintaining a steady pace and having fun!

Their next course is on Saturday 12th October. Email Dave to book your place. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Derbyshire Dynamos

The aim of Derbyshire Dynamos is to encourage new joggers to take part in local, fun, sociable, leader-led walking, jogging and running groups.

Unusually, it is a virtual running club for the people of Derbyshire set up in partnership with Jog Derbyshire.

It affords the opportunity and peace of mind of being an affiliated runner without the demands of attending scheduled club runs. This would fit in perfectly if you’ve got family or work commitments to juggle but are interested in joining a running club.

There are still training options for those who want them, as Derbyshire Dynamos has an impressive number of groups spanning the county, and all of them are keen to recruit new members.

All types of jogging and running are covered in their training programs. From absolute beginners to 20 milers, from road to fell running, there really is something for everyone.

Like them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates. Apply here.

Even More Benefits of Running

Running is a great way to earn money for charity as the Brighton Colour Run in partnership with Stand up to Cancer has recently demonstrated. Training can also provide a fun focus for your life, getting you fit and meeting new people. As a runner you are part of a whole community with a host of events to aspire towards. Find a list of them here.

Share your running stories and resources with the FunMeFit community on our Discussion Boards. Happy running!

By Catherine Heath

Climb High for Sheffield – 10th September 2013

September 1, 2013 in Events, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Opportunities

As many of you will know, FunMeFit and Eclipse IPD Ltd organise regular climbing and networking events in the climbing centres of Sheffield. We’ve been glad to meet members of the FunMeFit community at these challenging, active events – some members have surpassed expectation and scaled those walls like rats up a drainpipe, some have turned pale at the sight of climbing high but everyone has enjoyed meeting new friends, business contacts and doing something active before the working day.

Because of the success of previous events, Kate from FunMeFit and Karl at Eclipse IPD Ltd have organised their next event for Tuesday 10th September at The Climbing Works in Sheffield. It’ll be a great chance to have a look at one of the best climbing centres in the UK, meet some community-focused members and have a bit of fun. The morning kicks off at 8.15am til 10am and the cost includes entry fee to the centre, the cost of climbing instruction if you choose to take part and refreshments.

For more information about the event and to book tickets, take a look at the Eventbrite listing. We’re looking forward to meeting you and seeing which walls you’ll choose to take on!