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If you’ve received our newsletter, you’ll see that this article follows on from the newsletter but we’ve started it from the beginning again just incase you didn’t catch the newsletter this month. It’s all well worth a read if you run a group or organisation:

Feature Fund – Awards For All


FunMeFit has a new section in this month’s newsletter that focuses on a particular funding scheme that would be suitable for community groups in Sheffield to apply for. Usually to apply for funding a community group would need a constitution, a small committee, bank account with signatories and a project proposal.

In this month’s newsletter edition we are looking at the popular fund awards for all. This fund is available across Yorkshire to help voluntary and community groups to resource their projects and ideas.  The fund is operated by the Big lottery and you can apply for between £300 – £10,000.

Awards for all fund a wide variety of community based projects ranging from active citizenship, environmental projects, developing skills and health projects. Because we are focusing on walking this month, as part of national walking month, awards for all is an ideal fund to apply for to develop walking groups and projects around increasing physical activity and improving health.

[Newsletter piece ends here, read the rest below:]

Whether you already have a walking project or group or you want to create a new walking group consider awards for all if you require funding. If you are already a walking group, consider a new activity you could apply for funding for – an example could be an environmental project in the park you walk in.

To apply for funding you don’t need to be a charity and the application form is not as complex as some other funds. If you are a new community group you may need to show a simple cash flow forecast – a way to show the funder how you intend to raise funds and what costs you expect to incur as a group.

You must have a group bank account, at least two signatories on account, a constitution and a committee. These requirements are to demonstrate that you operate in a fair and transparent manner and that the funds are spent as you have outlined in your application.

All these requirements are relatively straight forward to set up. You may want to set a meeting up with people that want to be involved. You can use this opportunity to decide who wants to be chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Most high street banks operate a bank account especially designed for community groups.

In future FunMeFit newsletters we will include some more information on the individual roles of a committee. However the most important thing is to get organised and to find out who wants to be involved in your group so you can work together and spread the work out.

The Charity Commission has a wealth of useful information regarding how community groups – often referred to as unincorporated associations and Charitable organisations are set up. Don’t be put off by the initial setting up of your group. The key to getting your community project off the ground is commitment, community support, volunteers to help you and being organised.

Don’t underestimate the benefits your project can bring to your community. Remember the funder is interested in your application and wants to invest and be part of your community project whether it be improving people’s health, training opportunities or improving the environment.

Ideas for funding could be new equipment, providing new sessions or training for community members or creating an ‘outdoor gym’ area. Look at the funding criteria to find out more. However the awards for all fund is quite diverse in what it will fund – so get your ideas hat on. As long as your project fits the funding outcomes as listed on the awards for all website you are good to go.

FunMeFit can help you develop your idea. In particular if you reside in Sheffield, have an idea for a community project and people to help you but don’t know where to start, why not contact FunMeFit In the month of June you can get a free telephone / Skype consultation, or drop us an email to help you get started and apply for funding.

To provide this service you will need to become a FREE FunMeFit member if you are not already registered. Because we are passionate about helping Sheffield become more active through physical activity, sport and becoming an active citizen, all we ask if you use our service, is that you help spread the word about FunMeFit to your friends and family – in fact everyone you know.

For now good luck with your community idea and we hope we have provided you with some useful information. Remember awards for all is one of many different funders willing to invest in community projects. Each month we will aim to highlight a particular fund that is available in Sheffield to help you decide who to apply to should you need funding. For now – let’s all keep on walking.


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