An American Sports Day

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Many of us at some point in life have tried British-founded sports such as cricket, football and rugby. They’re a popular sight in our local communities; a culture that defines whole groups of people.

Let’s take Sheffield for example. You’re either a blade (Sheffield United FC) or an owl (Sheffield Wednesday FC). The city as many cities are, is segregated (during a derby match mainly) by two colours – red and blue.

In recent years, there has been an invasion. An invasion of ‘American Sports’ into British culture. Instead of being a trend that many of us would’ve envisioned as an outcome, they seem to be sticking around. These sports that have jumped across the ‘big pond’ like Baseball, American Football, Lacrosse and Dodgeball that we’re rarely played over here have become fashionable, interesting and in some cases, fun.

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Over the last couple of years, the FunMeFit network has seen a growth in ‘American Sports Clubs’ popping up around the UK. As children, we never tried any of these sports. Perhaps we found a form of dodgeball fun in our sports halls and physical education lessons but very few of us have had the chance to get involved properly or had the opportunity to join a club and a league.

As an alternative to any sports event or community sports day this year, and to ‘throw a stone between the roses,’ we’ve decided to ask a few of the local ‘American Sports Clubs’ to come together and plan with us a sports day with a difference. The day also ties in with our annual Green Gym Day founded by our lovely New York partner, Nancercize. A day to celebrate local parks and enjoy all the green space they have to offer.


On Sunday 15th June 2014, officially Father’s Day in the UK, FunMeFit is helping to co-ordinate and promote the first American Sports Day in Stannington Park, Sheffield as a way of celebrating these sports, one of our local parks and getting more families outside in the fresh air, enjoying some active fun. What a better way to spend time with dads and granddads than some friendly inter-family competition? With help from FunMeFit member Leeds Academy of American Football, a Leeds-based club that is starting to branch out into Sheffield, who have developed a Flad American Football Academy for children and young people, the event promises to be lots of fun for all ages and abilities.

LAAF new 2

No community games event would be complete without a charity to send any profits to. In keeping with the local community focus, the day will be in aid of local charity and nursery, Jack and Jill Pre-School Stannington where the raffle and donations will go towards purchasing new sports equipment for the children at this small village nursery.

With the introduction of American sports to the mostly rural community of Stannington, it will be interesting to see how the locals and those from the surrounding areas take to an alternative sports day and whether it can be the start of a more active lifestyle for some. Perhaps some children will develop an interest for these sports and subsequently the local schools will look to embrace them into their activities.

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Image Source: Leeds Academy of American Football

Either way, the day proves to be a trial and an introduction to these sports for the local community and if there’s no uptake or new members for the clubs following it then we’re sure that the majority of people there will at least have some fun! That’s what life’s about.

We look forward to seeing you there on Sunday 15th June between 10-1pm. The schedule for the day will be posted in due course.

You can join the group for Stannington American Sports Day or view it on our Facebook Page. If you’d like more information or want to get involved in the day, please e-mail us at:


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