What We Offer

What We Offer…

If you are interested in finding out about what we offer alongside the network and directory such as our Business Services, please go to our Business Services page.

On this page, you’ll find what’s on offer on this website for:

  • Every member
  • Sports Clubs
  • Businesses/Organisations
  • Students & Young People


What’s on offer for every member?

To join the Community, go Here.

1. Your Community Profile

In creating your profile and joining the community for free, you can:

  • Add an image
  • Add information about yourself
  • Post topics on the discussion board
  • Connect (request friendship) with other members from around the community to build your network
  • Set up groups
  • Invite your mailing list and friends to join FunMeFit
  • You can send us videos and images whenever you want to add to our social media pages or onto our website.

Most importantly, by being a member, you’ll be supporting an important social network promoting physical health, well-being and positive community actions.

2. Your Directory Listing

The Directory is a collection of services that we think our community may find useful to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

It’s an optional feature where members can add their services, clubs, venues, organisations, charities and businesses so that other members and visitors can find them.

If you want to add yourself/your business to the directory, you can create a free Basic Listing or you can view the features of the various low-cost promotional packages that we offer. To see the packages, go Here.


Sports Clubs

As a sports club or an activity provider, you can create a community profile for your club and then go on to list your club on the Directory for free or upgrade for brilliant promotional features.

If you do register and join the community, here’s what features you may find useful:

  • You’ll have your own community profile page for promoting your community activities, your logo, your ethos and any other important information i.e. your website, your social media pages etc.
  • Whenever you log in, you’ll get a mention across our Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • You can connect with (friend request) others in the community who may either be interested in joining your club or would be good to link with.
  • You can send private messages to other members i.e. if you’re looking to recruit a coach and there’s a few qualified members on FunMeFit, get in touch.
  • You can share your session times, events and other activities on the discussion board.
  • You can add updates to your profile which will appear alongside your image on the Members List.
  • You can create a Group which works like your own mini website. You could create a group for a particular event or activity and invite your mailing list to join and/or other members. It can be private or open. Those who join will be kept updated of any changes via e-mail.
  • You can share volunteering opportunities or work opportunities.
  • If you list your club on the directory too, you’ll be searchable under your area or your sport etc.



As a business, there are many benefits to joining both the FunMeFit community and the directory. Both are free to join but if you want to take advantage of great promotional features then you can upgrade your directory listing.

Most importantly, by joining the FunMeFit community, you’ll be making sure that your business is recognised as having social aims. Here’s what features you may find useful:

  • You’ll have your own profile page to display information about your company alongside your logo. Your profile will be searchable by visitors and other members of FunMeFit.
  • Whenever you log in, we’ll share your profile across social media and connect it to your Twitter name so that your followers can see.
  • You’ll be able to request other members as friends that you would like to connect with either for company development or for networking reasons or sales.
  • You can post any opportunities or events that you have coming up on our discussion board. We’ll promote any opportunities that you have for others to take advantage of.
  • If you join the directory, you can list your business so that it’s searchable by service offered or area.
  • If you take out our Premium Package in the directory, you’ll have your own full promotional page, photo gallery, contributor’s blog and even your own offers section which will feed straight through to our Homepage!

We can also help with various other services that you may need. See our Business Services page!


Students & Young People

These days, we’ve all got to stand out from the crowd, especially because the crowd in the UK is currently around 63 Million (2011, courtesy of Wikipedia). In 2013, looking good on paper means looking good online too and employers are increasingly using social media to research their job applicants.

If you’re someone who really wants to shine for the best jobs, you need to go no further than your community. There are so many opportunities available to further your skills, your knowledge and your connections.


Here are a few reasons to join the Fun Me Fit community:

  • Some of our members offer opportunities to get involved in great work outside of education from volunteering around the UK and abroad to fundraising events and extra qualifications that you may not have considered.
  • Network and connect (make friends) with people, businesses, organisations, clubs and charities from all over the community to build on your working relationships.
  • You can use your profile as an ‘online CV’ to record what you have achieved, what your interests are and what you’re planning.
  • Use your profile to promote yourself across social media.
  • Contribute blogs or videos to our community feeds for your future employer to see/tutors to view for your assessments.
  • Create your own initiatives through groups to really show what you’re made of. Get out of the mould!
  • If you make yourself stand out, we can promote and reward the great work that you do.


To join our community, go to the Join Us page. We look forward to getting to know you and all of your skills!

We also have a special Students Page with information and advice coming soon from some great people around the community to help you look good for your future.