A Recycled Christmas Guide

December 1, 2013 in Children & Play, Community Issues, Events, Families & Children, Latest Articles, News, Uncategorized

Christmas similarly to other religious celebrations is about being with family and friends, being part of a wider community and celebrating life. Much of this seems to have been bypassed in recent years by the need to buy expensive, brand new material gifts for family and friends – a lot of the time quite pointlessly.

In the latest blog, “A Recycled Christmas,” FunMeFit Founder, Kate Hill, discusses why buying brand new Christmas presents is not always the answer to having a happy, fulfilling Christmas. Just as importantly for the struggling family, there are ways and means to get those longed for children’s presents without breaking the bank.

You’ll find the link to the blog below but just remember, Christmas is about your family and the community, not just about those presents. There are plenty of ways to help your community during the festive season and pretty soon, we’ll be posting our next blog about helping those in need.


A Recycled Christmas


Wishing you all a great run up to Christmas!

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