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What Makes Sheffield A Happy City?

February 19, 2014 in Children & Play, Community Issues, Families & Children, Health & Fitness, Latest Articles, News, Other, Sport, Uncategorized

Sheffield has recently been crowned as the happiest city in the UK, according to a new study by the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group (TCSG).

It has also been and continues to be a landmark city for many other reasons. It’s primary nickname is ‘The City of Steel,’ which refers to Sheffield’s industrial heritage but in more recent years, it’s become known as one of the best cities in the UK for sport, for music and for the locally-made dinner accompaniment, Henderson’s Relish. Yum.

Despite its industrial history, Sheffield can boast an extraordinary amount of beautiful green space and woodland for its happy inhabitants to enjoy:


  • 13 City Parks

  • 20 District Parks

  • 50 Local Parks (including public gardens)

  • 1,600 acres of nature reserves

  • 170 Woodland areas – 80 of these are classed as ancient

  • “The South West Boundary of the city overlaps with the PeakDistrictNational Park, the first national park in England”.

  • “Sheffield has a reputed 2 million trees and is known as the greenest city in Europe”.[158] Wikipedia, 2013

There is access to green outdoor space no matter where you live in the city and although we Sheffielders may not be known as the healthiest or fittest community in the UK, it’s worth the consideration that this is why we’re the happiest.

So, where is the best place to get our daily outdoor dose of exercise in Sheffield? Well, apart from the obvious abundance of small local parks, there is a special place that the people of this green city would recommend to anyone:

The Peak District National Park – It has to be in the top spot as it is the most stunning place to visit in the UK, in my opinion.

The question isn’t what can you do here but is what can’t you do here? It’s highly used by ramblers (walkers), mountain bikers, climbers, horse riders and the average family as a day out destination. It has 1,800 miles of public footpaths so there’s little chance of boredom. Wikipedia, 2013

Sheffield is privileged to have part of this national treasure fall within its perimeters and who knows, perhaps one day, with a little encouragement from FunMeFit, the people of Sheffield will not only be the happiest but the fittest and healthiest in the UK.

By Kate Hill

Founder, FunMeFit