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The all new Fishery Network is now live

May 28, 2013 in Other

The new website is now live. We are still working on parts of the site so we are not promoting the launch until we are happy everything is working fine.

If you find any parts of the site, which don’t seem to be working properly, please let us know. We are spending every second we can at the moment making sure the site is ready for the coming fishing season / warmer months in the UK.

At the moment you can add fisheries and then anyone can add catches and reviews to these. We have added many fisheries and if you own one of these please get in touch and we can hand the profile over to you. We are currently creating an automated service for this.

At present if you have added a fishery in the past we will also have to tag this onto your newly created account. Anyone who has registered in the past will unfortunately have to do this again. Once the site is totally finished we will send an email out to all past members.

Jack Sowden ( and the team )