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Flip2BFit – Getting families moving

September 22, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

Board games in theUKhave always been popular – Monopoly, The Game of Life, Cluedo, Trivial Pursuit…some mentally challenging, some just for fun but what happens when you combine a mentally challenging game with physically challenging fun for the whole family?


The Result: Flip2BFit

Flip2BFit is coming to the UK this year from New York, USA and is bringing a feeling of excitement and optimism with it. The game is a family board game that carries with it a shared moral obligation: “To fight childhood obesity, one exercise at a time,” a term that FunMeFit passionately relates to.

Following our event Crosspool Healthy Fun Day on Sunday 16th September where we handed out Flip2BFit flyers, we had plenty of responses from parents asking us how they could get hold of the games for the sake of their kids (yeah right)! “These games look fun, great for a Friday night in when the kids have gone to bed,” one forty-something father smiled. FunMeFit know

that every parent possesses an inner child as well as their own offspring so that’s why this game and the company’s other product Bakari, could ‘fit’ in very well with each member of the modern British family and hopefully turn movie night into ‘healthy board game’ night.

The game successfully merges a range of necessary physical activities such as Yoga poses, Cardio, Stretching and Strengthening exercises which are found to give the body (and mind) that all-over workout with basic nutritional advice and an incentive to continue forward with what is learned.

Playing the Flip2BFit game

There can be 1-4 players and pieces are moved about the board when the spinner is spun and the relevant card is picked up with an activity on such as “Downward Dog” in the Yoga cards for the individual player to attempt. All Yoga cards give the player the chance to move one space forward, more spaces can be moved with the more difficult Strength and Cardio cards.

Some activity cards suggest group participation such as the well-known “Childs Pose” from Yoga teachings and there are a few nutritional cards thrown in to mix things up a bit: Players have to move 3 spaces back if they pick up a “Bad Choices” food card and two spaces forward for a “Healthy Choices” food card.

Eventually, after a range of exercises, stretches and group fun, the first player to reach “Springer” in the playground at the centre of the board. Unless you’re really lucky with your card picks, the game will last around an hour.

The FunMeFit official review:

The game is wonderful, especially for learning a range of exercises that are beneficial to the body and mind of children and adults. It’s all about a healthy message that games can be challenging, informative and fun at the same time, something that the current board game market and children are lacking.

Don’t forget though that if you buy a Flip2BFit game, it’s for a wider purpose as their mission statement inside each board game pack informs, “developing an active healthy lifestyle is truly our mission statement.” This and their various charitable projects in the US and Africa make them one of the most socially-minded and ethical board game manufacturers in the world.

It’s a breath of fresh air to play the Flip2BFit game and the just as excellent, Bakari game with the family in a world dominated by games about money, intellect and power. It got us all moving around, having fun and not wanting to watch TV!

We wish them every success and hope to help them in their fight to reduce childhood obesity!

For more information about Flip2BFit, find them on FunMeFit @flip2bfit or go to their website

You can buy the games on their website and soon FunMeFit will be selling the games in their online shop coming with our website developments in the next couple of months.

Flip2BFit Awards:

PTPA – Parent Tested Parent Approved

Kidlutions Preferred product – Building Self-Esteem and Confidence in today’s

Kids – Emotional and Social development.


Crosspool Healthy Fun Day! Sunday 16th September

September 15, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

Tomorrow FunMeFit will be running its first fundraising event in aid of The Sick Children’s Trust and the ‘Branching Out’ Appeal at our member’s ground, Hallam Football Club, “the oldest football ground in the world”.

The day aims to raise awareness and vital funds for their new ‘home from home’ at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital so that more families can be with sick children undergoing treatment in the hospital. We’re also using the day to help promote sport, exercise and healthy living with help from FunMeFit member, Hannah Bailey at Wise Choice Nutrition.  We hope to make the day one to remember!

Starting at 12pm till 4pm, we’ve organised a healthy BBQ, stalls selling healthy living products, some sports demonstrations, a raffle, a high-prized auction (which includes two Man Utd tickets) and some activities for kids and adults. Visitors will hopefully get to meet some local sports professionals and will receive a ‘goodie bag’ with various leaflets, gifts and interesting information including leaflets from our special member, Flip2BFit!

We’re really looking forward to tomorrow and if you’re coming along, great! We’d love to see you there!


The Charity

Branching Out – Sheffield Appeal from

With the backing of Bafta nominated actor Dominic West, The Sick Children’s Trust has launched an ambitiousnew appeal – Branching Out – growing our support for families in Sheffield –  to raise £1.2m for a vital new ‘Home from Home’ at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

 “When the charity got in touch and asked if I could support them, I felt as though it was something I owed. I am just delighted to be able to try and bring it to the attention of more people.” Dominic West, actor

With your help and support we can make this challenge a reality and make a real difference to the families of children receiving specialist treatment in the Critical Care and Neonatal Surgical Units for serious or life-threatening illness. It is our hope that this new house will open in spring 2013, providing vital support to an additional 250 families per year.

“Last year alone we had 814 families on our waiting list at Treetop House. This new development will be well used from the very first day it opens!” Ann Wyatt, House Manager at Treetop House

Those familiar with Sheffield Children’s Hospital may know that Treetop House our thirteen bedroom ‘Home from Home’ is already up and running on the top floor of the hospital but this is simply not big enough to care for the increasing number of families that need accommodation close to their sick child’s bedside. In addition, the hospital is soon to build a new Clinical Care Block which will increase paediatric bed capacity from 140 to 200 and bring even greater demand for parent and family accommodation.

The Dews family (pictured below) have used Treetop House over the years as their eight year old daughter, Isobel was born with cerebral palsy.

“It’s just been a blessing to be able to be with Isobel, and to bring her sister Olivia to stay and spend time with her at the weekends. Isobel’s emotions are all over the place and that makes her condition worse, so i hate to think how upset she would have been if we were having to stay somewhere else. It’s just a fantastic place and we can’t say enough good things about it.” Rebecca, Isobel’s mum.

Venue Address:
Hallam Football Club
Sandygate Road
South Yorkshire
S10 5SE


If you want more information about the event or you want to come along, contact: or find us on Facebook or on Twitter @FunMeFit!