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July 20, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Uncategorized, Website Updates

We like to keep our special Members, Followers and Likers updated on what’s going on with FunMeFit as often as possible.

We’ve got so much support recently from individuals, groups and organisations all over the world that we’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who believes in what the FunMeFit family are trying to achieve!

Here’s what FunMeFit have been up to in recent weeks:


News 1: FunMeFit have entered a competition! Please vote!

FunMeFit have entered a competition with to get some money to help us do more for families and sports/activity organisers all over the UK. If we can get enough votes and are popular, we could get £1,000 to help us pay for website developments in order to improve the website for our members.

Thanks to those who’ve already voted and if you haven’t, please take a minute out to do it now! Thanks 🙂


News 2: FunMeFit Event: Crosspool Healthy Family Fun Day

Our special and first ever event – Crosspool Healthy Family day is coming soon!! We’re aiming to raise plenty of funds for The Sick Children’s Trust – a wonderful charity with a Sheffield Appeal called Branching Out.

Our members and friends, Steve and Jane at Hallam Football Club, Crosspool, Sheffield have kindly let us use their great new club house for the day and we’re hoping to have plenty of activities for all the family, stalls with healthy living/family products on sale and some entertainment including a raffle.

We have come up against some opposition about the date/time of the event so this is subject to change.

Date: Sunday 16th September 2012

Venue: Hallam Football Club, Sandygate Raod, Sheffield, S10.

Time: 12-4pm


News 3: Matt and Oliver get into the Olympic Spirit!

Fun Me Fit’s Matt and Oliver get into the Olympic spirit in Sheffield. We were having a walk around the town centre when we met local fundraising hero John Burkhill. We went over to donate some change to his MacMillan Cancer Research Trolley as we’ve seen him walking the streets of Sheffield now for years to raise money. To our delight, he asked if little Oliver wanted to hold the torch – It was a yes of course, from his dad!

fun me fit matt and oliver Olympic torch


News 4: Website Updates

Website updates are coming soon! We don’t want to give too much away – if you’ve read the competition entry post on Spogo then you’ll know a little bit more than most. Basically our lovely web designers at Foster and Scott are helping us develop our website into something really great to use and a wonderful resource for the community.

We’re also hoping to start generating some funds to help us improve what Fun Me Fit can offer families and sports clubs and organisations. We’ve got lots of charity work and fundraising lined up so we can’t wait to help more!


News 5: Fun Me Fit expect baby number two next week!

If you’ve been thinking that response time has been slow and that the owners of FunMeFit have been ignoring you, take solace in the fact that we’re expecting our baby girl on 24th July – not that babies ever arrive on time!!

The immanent arrival has meant that Kate has not been as proactive with working on the FunMeFit side of things recently and has been concentrating on getting our small house ready for some big changes!

So, with our fingers crossed that everything goes well with labour and the baby, we’ll be back on track in a couple of weeks. Kate will also be blogging about getting back into shape post-pregnancy and always welcomes members’ suggestions!! I’ll give anything a go to get my stomach back!

Wish us luck 🙂


Training to Run – Wise Choice Diet for Motivation (Week 1)

July 17, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

Fun Me Fit are always interested in what our members are doing to keep themselves active and healthy. Our Supporter, Member and Friend, Hannah Bailey from Wise Choice Nutrition is doing some marathon training each day to get fitter, faster and healthier.

As she’s a nutritional expert, we’ve asked her to provide details about how her diet is helping her find the motivation and stay energised for her training. We all know that nutrition plays a big part in physical performance so we’ll be blogging about how she gets on and what’s she’ll be eating and doing over the next few weeks. Maybe it’ll help us all get a bit more motivated and energised for the Olympic summer!

“Week 1 running and diet diary


5km run

½ banana and ½ pint of water before run

Breakfast- Muesli and yoghurt, ½ banana, 1 black coffee

Lunch- Jacket potato, cheese and salad

Snack- 3 dried apricots, 1 yoghurt

Dinner- egg fried rice, sweet and sour chicken,

Drinks: 2.5 litres water, 2 pints cider, 1 glass rose wine


Breakfast- muesli and yoghurt

Lunch- Scrambled eggs on toast

Snack (pre-run)- banana and a slice of toast with butter

7km run

Snack (post run) small bag Doritos crisps

Dinner- pasta with a tomato and vegetable sauce,  grated cheese

Drinks- 3litres water, 2 black coffees, 2 glasses rose wine


Breakfast- Toast and butter

Lunch- Jacket potato and beans

Dinner- Chicken and vegetable stirfry

Drinks- 3 litres water


Breakfast- Muesli with semi skimmed milks

Snack- 3 dried apricots

Lunch- 2 eggs (scrambled) on wholemeal toast

Snack- ½ slice bread

8km run

Dinner- Tuna pasta bake with tomato and vegetable sauce

Drinks- 4 litres water, 3 cups coffee


Breakfast- muesli with semi skimmed milk, 2 dates and 3 prunes chopped, pumpkin seeds and 3 almonds

Lunch-Jacket potato and baked beans

Dinner- Last night’s tuna pasta bake

Drinks- 2 cups of coffee, 1 peppermint tea, 3 litres water


Breakfast- Muesli with semi skimmed milk, glass of orange juice

Lunch- Ham salad

Dinner- Vegetable stirfry with noodles

Drinks- 3 cups of coffee, 3 litres water

Sunday (at a party)

Breakfast- Muesli with semi skimmed milks, glass of orange juice

Lunch- Hot pork sandwich with salad, slice of cheesecake

Dinner- sausage sandwich

Drinks- 1 pint diet coke, 2 coffees, 3 litres water


No running since Friday as I have cellulitis and the antibiotics have made me exhausted”.

 It’s not all about protein shakes and boring meals, living healthily and training for sports can be tasty and enjoyable. We can’t expect ourselves to be saints with our diets but we can make the right choices to improve performance and enjoyment. If you’ve got a personal story that you’d like FunMeFit to blog about and promote, Contact Us.

Find Hannah as a member on FunMeFit @wisechoicenutrition or see her website: and get in touch for personalised diet plans and advice.

“We Don’t Do Walking” Worrying Trends

July 5, 2012 in News, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

The laziness of some parents becomes apparent when we have kids of our own. Although many of us would never tell a police officer when challenged about being illegally parked outside a school, “we don’t do walking,” as reported on in Monday’s The Star, this story highlights how some parents are letting their own children down without realising it.

As parents, we can have such a positive impact on the lives of our children, making sure that they get exercise, a good diet and are taught good habits and attitudes is key to helping them grow up as integrative, sociable and happy individuals. It’s when we start presenting attitudes like “we don’t do walking,” that as parents, we are failing.

The added irony to this story is that the Police were running a child safety campaign and trying to highlight the dangers of such behaviour from parents – parking and causing congestion outside school is inevitably going to create a riskier environment for children. Despite this and in her arrogance, the mother of the child still parked illegally and just because she couldn’t be bothered to walk?

Published by The Star, Sheffield on Monday 2 July 2012:

“POLICE have pledged to extend a child safety scheme across South Yorkshire following an overwhelming response to The Star’s It’s Your Child campaign.

Inspector Ian Stubbs has promised the crackdown will be rolled out across the city to tackle irresponsible motorists who put pupils’ safety at risk.

It comes after one brazen mum told officers ‘I don’t do walking’, when asked to move her illegally-parked car and escort her child to school.

The scheme is awarding £2,000 each to 20 schools in priority areas to help improve safety measures and awareness, but there are hundreds more facing daily traffic chaos.

Insp Stubbs said: “The response has been positive and we are thankful for the support.”

Changing the attitudes of parents and irresponsible motorists across Sheffield is top priority for Insp Stubbs in the crackdown, which aims to make roads outside schools safer.

A group of 20 schools in the Gleadless Valley, Woodseats, Lowedges, Nether Edge, Jordanthorpe, Beauchief and Greenhill areas of the city were picked to receive £2,000 each towards measures to improve safety, including more double yellow lines, zig zags and bollards.

A huge number of readers got in touch after The Star highlighted the issue, proving the problem extends far beyond those selected.

The reaction was so strong that police have now pledged to roll out the pilot across the city if it is a success”.


It’s a case of laziness vs your child’s safety, I know which I’d pick – a relaxed walk to school everyday as most parents would.

It is exactly these attitudes that FunMeFit are trying to change – exercise with your children isn’t a chore, it should be enjoyable and a chance for parents so speak to their children. Not only that but if we all left the car at home on the school run (I mean those who live less than a mile from school), think of the fuel money we’d save, the air quality around our child’s school, the health benefits we’d gain and the special time we’d be able to spend with our children whilst not sitting irritably behind the wheel of our cars.