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#FightObesity An Update

June 20, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Regular Updates, Uncategorized

Our online magazine has been updated with the latest obesity news and how we are trying to help fight it as a big community effort.

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Obesity impacts weight of nations | Community Fitness is the Future! |
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 “Researchers say that increasing levels of fatness around the world could have the same impact on global resources as an extra billion people”. – Source – 

Health education from a young age among developed nations like the US and the UK is essential for beginning to tackle this problem.


Helping moderately obese people and children into a more active lifestyle with a nutritional diet is a step that needs to run alongside this to avoid the “super-obesity” issues that doctors in the UK are warning is becoming more of a problem.


It’s a shame that up to 100,000 people in the UK as claimed by BBC News this morning are currently “super obese”. It reflects a lack of education about health, exercise and nutrition from a young age, a breakdown of traditional family values like cooking and sitting together eating a family meal at least once a day and most improtantly, a complete lack of support for individuals who find themselves struggling to find ways of getting motivated to do anything other than eat and sit.


Of course there are a minority of medical cases that have caused the problems but with the majority, it’s a breakdown in society of everything that makes us feel alive and human – getting outside and exercising in the wonderful world that we have, feeling supported by great friends and family, enjoying good food often but in moderation and feeling that we’re part of a community that supports and promote a healthy lifestyle.


FunMeFit is working towards achieving a modern healthy lifestyle comunity offering support, good advice and options for families to get their children active from a young age.


We launched our #FightObesity campaign a few months ago and are always looking for help with this.

Fun Exercise For Families

June 13, 2012 in Regular Updates, Website Updates

With just 5 weeks till the founders of Fun Me Fit turn from a family of three into a family of four, I’ve found myself asking more and more what can families actually do together to stay active and have fun as part of their community?

I’ve been incredibly impressed by the amount of support we’ve received from our member sport clubs and organisations wanting to share and promote their sport to Fun Me Fit users. We’ve been lucky to get a wonderfully diverse range of sports clubs on board organising popular team sports like football, rugby, basketball, hockey and tennis but also a number of the more unusual sports and activities that many families may not know about. These more unusual sports and activities that families may not have ever considered include:

  • Dodgeball
  • Table Tennis
  • Water Sports
  • Cycling Clubs
  • Fun Zones
  • Bowls
  • Kickboxing
  • Karate & Tai Chi
  • Fun Running Clubs
  • Family Dancing Classes
  • Bootcamps

All these great family sports and activities come from our current members from all over the UK who run regular classes and events for you as a family, just you or just your kids.

A lot of these involve being outside in the fresh air, something which families are getting less of – it’s amazing how exercising out in the fresh air can improve your energy levels and get your feeling totally energized for the working/school week ahead. Outdoor exercise can help the whole family concentrate better, work harder and even get on better.

We promote all kinds of exercise and activities at Fun Me Fit, as long as your family is getting active and feels supported as a community, we’re interested in anything you’ve got to share or helping you set anything up that you’re interested in doing. Our Groups systems lets you form your own group whether you’re an established group or just an idea – set it up and invite people on your e-mails list and members of Fun Me Fit. 

If you haven’t already, suggest us to your friends and family so that you can all share what you’re doing through our community forum. Our exclusive membership system makes sure that spammers are not being allowed onto our website – everyone has to be approved by an administrator.

What’s new in brief?

  • Our website will be getting developed soon thanks to our great friends Foster & Scott, so you’ll be able to read the news blog from the home page, see all of the groups that have been set up, read active discussions, view members and see the Twitter news more clearly – if you have any suggestions, they’re always welcome on the Discussion Forum. We’ll also be developing advertising space to bring you interesting ads from relevant companies and organisations – we won’t let these get in the way of your Fun Me Fit experience!
  • We’ve got a great new supporter and partner in Penguin Kids Fitness who have the shared goal of trying to get more children exercising and having fun. We’re really looking forward to working with them and hope together we can improve our communities.
  • We’ll be planning some summer fundraising events to raise money for a couple of charities including The Sick Children’s Trust who are seeking more support on Twitter and Facebook to help them spread the word about their amazing work. They’re also looking for some great people and clubs to get involved in fundraising – even if it’s only a little bit!
  • We’ll soon be looking for some funding to help us continue what we do – it’s not been so easy for Matt and I with a growing family to support ourselves and Fun Me Fit so we’re always looking for sponsorship, funding or some support from businesses and organisations.
  • We’ve recently become associated with the wonderful Flip2BFit in the USA who offer some great board game activities to get your family moving around. We are looking to expand our presence overseas through forming links with great companies and organisations like Flip2BFit. If you’re not from the UK and like the look of what we’re doing, consider getting in touch and we’ll talk about what we can do together.
As a family-run organisation ourselves, our sole aim is to help you feel like part of a community made up of families, individuals, supporting sports clubs, organisations and local groups. As a mother, I want what’s best for my children and I hope that by bringing the community together and encouraging and supporting real sports groups and organisations and promoting them to help bring your family the best activities and sports, we can all feel like we’ve got the opportunity to bring our kids up in an active online and offline world.


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