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Eating for Exercise

May 29, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Uncategorized

Guest Blog by Wise Choice Nutrition

Eating for Exercise

We all know exercise and healthy eating are important but did you know that what you eat can really affect your sports performance?

If you want to get your family more active, think about what they are eating.

Here are my top tips for eating well without spending a fortune:

  • Plan your meals in advance so when you go to the supermarket, you know exactly what to buy. For a free 7 day menu plan click the link
  • Don’t be tempted by offers on junk food. It has very little nutritional value and can often cause mood swings in adults and children, especially if it is high sugar. This can affect sports performance as blood sugar dips rapidly.
  • Snack on fruit and vegetables as these keep blood sugar stable which helps prevent mood swings and dips in energy.
  • Include protein such as meat and fish or pulses at meal times as this helps lower the effect on blood sugar too. It also helps muscles repair and grow.
  • Eating wholemeal or wholegrain carbohydrates provides a sustained release of energy giving everyone more energy for running around and playing sport.

It’s important to establish good eating habits in young children as they will grow up with these for life. Whilst children shouldn’t be encouraged to eat a lot of junk food, a little bit in moderation (maybe once a week) will teach children that treats can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Children learn from their parents so if they see you snacking on fruit or nuts, they are more likely to copy. Remember, it can take 10 tries of a new food before a child likes or dislikes it so don’t give up on the 1st attempt.

It’s also really important to keep hydrated when you are exercising so make sure everyone takes a drink of water or squash with them. Fizzy drinks are not suitable for children and definitely good whilst exercising as the fizz can cause stomach problems.

For more information or advice, visit or email

Improving the online community to support teenage girls in exercise

May 25, 2012 in News, Nutrition

Our blog for Maggie Ayre – the UKs leading Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser for Teenage Girls


Improving the online community to support teenage girls in exercise

A great guest blog from Kate Hill, Founder of FunMeFit

There’s no point in telling a teenage girl that spending too much time on Facebook and other social media websites is making her unfit, under confident and anxious. She’ll either argue with you or march to her room and update her Facebook status telling all her friends what you’ve just said.

Compared to 40 years ago when girls used to be anxious about ‘real’ things like death and financial uncertainty, it seems that today’s girls are more anxious than ever, “Research suggests that the surge in anxiety among girls today is not a function of household income. Other factors such as new technology appear to be more relevant,” says Dr. Leonard Sax, author of “Girls on the Edge.”


“Recent research indicates that the more time girls spend on Facebook and the more Facebook friends she has, the more likely she is to be anxious,” said Sax.As well as anxiety, there seems to be a direct correlation between modern living, the increased use of social media and inactivity among teenage girls. Many suggest that coupled with a lack of encouragement at school and existing confidence issues, social media is allowing anxieties to grow and discourages girls in particular from participating in exercise.

The Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation (WSFF) commissioned a report,Changing the Game for Girls, which identified that UK girls are not getting enough exercise. Over half blamed their experiences in PE for it.

“The over-riding priority of PE and school sport (PESS) should be the health, well-being and confidence of every child,” said Sue Tibballs, Chief Executive of WSFF.

“The overwhelming majority of our young women are leaving school with such dangerously low levels of physical inactivity, and in many cases, a related lack of confidence in their appearance and abilities, is simply unacceptable.”

“This research does bring some good news: it has found that overwhelmingly girls want to be active, to take part in physical exercise, and to stay healthy.”

“What needs to change is not their appetite to get involved, but the type of opportunities and level of encouragement that society, particularly in education, offers them to do so,” Tibballs added.

Many girls are offered a limited choice of sports like Tennis, Netball and Athletics at school. Many are uncomfortable about taking part in PE, thinking of it as a chore and it’s no wonder they continue with inactivity argues Kate Hill, Founder of FunMeFit, “I’m 27 now and remember that even though I was good at sports in general and excelled in Athletics, I found very little encouragement from school. I was naturally good at sprinting but my school were not interested in helping me reach my potential, despite the fact that I won gold every year at sports day. Even when I left school, I didn’t know where to continue with sprinting, society did not provide much more encouragement either.”

Through FunMeFit, Kate has developed a community in which young people and families can find encouragement for getting involved in sports and fun activities, “on our website [] we have lots of interesting sports/activity clubs and organisations offering all kinds of fun activities to get involved in for everyone – there’s dance, kids clubs, volleyball, Rock-It-Ball, football and even cycling, swimming and personal training. However our members choose to get active, they can feel encouraged and find support through new friends and the community atmosphere on FunMeFit.”

The forum-based website aims to use social media like Facebook and Twitter to encourage young people, particularly young girls to get involved in sport and fitness again. “It’s ok to spend time on Facebook and on FunMeFit but organise getting out of the house and have a dance with your friends or make new friends on FunMeFit by joining a group,” continues Kate.

Sax suggests that young girls become anxious because they have so many friends on Facebook posting ‘fun’ images of themselves that other girls may feel that their lives are boring in comparison, “Imagine your 13-year-old daughter alone in her room with her laptop looking at her friends’ Facebook pages. All of their pictures and posts are about fun things they are doing. Your daughter may decide that her own life isn’t so great. She doesn’t realize that all the other girls are only posting the fun stuff because nobody will ‘like’ the boring stuff.”

FunMeFit is encouraging more girls to get involved in ‘fun’ physical activities, not only for the physical and mental health benefits of getting themselves fit and toned helping improving their body image but to help relieve anxiety by boosting their social circles and Facebook presence.

By creating a community that encourages members to get active and shows them what’s on offer that’s fun and interesting, FunMeFit hopes that teenagers and anyone else who has previously found it difficult to exercise, will feel more encouraged and able to get involved in sports and activities. “Social media can be used for positive purposes to bring people together for a greater goal of getting communities more involved, fitter, healthier and happier,” says Kate.

By Kate Hill, Founder of FunMeFit



PE classes to blame for girls’ lack of exercise‘ by Nicole Canning – 3 May 2012

Girls on the Edge, published on March 25th, 2012 – Julie Baumgardner

For more information about FunMeFit or to join the community, go to the website or e-mail Kate Hill at

Bike2Basics – Something different

May 23, 2012 in News

When we think of music and exercise combined, the first things that spring to the mind are the many forms of dance. Cycling is not something that you’d think would involve music. One FunMeFit group are trying to change this – Bike2basics take a love of music festivals and combine it with cycling through the streets of the UK and beyond to make the ride to those festivals just a bit more exhilarating!

Freeing the mind and getting some much needed exercise along the way, Bike2basics is a revolution in itself, merging the festival-loving lifestyle with something more positive than a beer-filled campervan and some difficult driving conditions.

Here’s what the founder has to say:

“My name is Lucy Lynn-Evans, and I present you with an original twist on organised cycling: Bike2basics. We run relaxed, music-filled bike tours to festivals and cities in the UK. We strap speakers to our bikes, get the wind in our hair and follow quiet, well-pedaled routes across the countryside. There is nothing more fun or freeing.

Bike2basics is the happy consequence of an unhappy accident. When I was 21 I had the misfortune of dancing with a truck, crushing my pelvis and knee. Thankfully, after months in hospital and innumerable operations I was back on my feet, but walking hurt… a lot. Cycling was a different story; on my bike I felt free and my horizons were once again limitless. I could cycle for hours, and so I did.

Instead of just biking to work, I pedaled to Berlin and Barcelona. I have since spent every summer cycling all over Europe with my brothers Sam and Harry, visiting friends and festivals. As more people started joining our trips, we realised that we were on to something special.

We sat down and looked at biking to festivals from a business perspective. We had an activity that people clearly loved, we would be encouraging people to exercise in a truly enjoyable way, it’s environmentally friendly, and crucially it taps into the two growing markets of cyclists and festival-goers. And so, Bike2basics was born.”

Bike2basics has since become somewhat of a phenomenon in the UK, more and more people are finding cycling a way of life rather than a hobby. FunMeFit wants to share their story with everyone and help them promote the sense of friendship and community that can be encountered at a Bike2basics ride.

This summer, they’ve got some exciting things planned:

“This summer Bike2basics is an official way to get to Secret Garden Party, Wilderness Festival, Golden Down, Brain Child Festival and we have a number of other excellent parties up our sleeve. We also lead bi-weekly tours from London to Brighton and tailor our rides to groups of any size to destinations throughout the UK and Europe.”

You can join Bike2basics this Saturday 26th May for their next ride – it’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s all about doing something different and freeing for the mind and body. 

For more information on the event, see Lucy’s Profile on FunMeFit or go to their website:

Call Lucy: 07766371545

Latest FunMeFit Magazine 21/5/12

May 22, 2012 in News, Nutrition, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Read what we’ve been doing, what some of our members are doing and what’s new in the world of family exercise!

Positive Fitness for Teenage Girls

May 21, 2012 in News, Nutrition

Teenage girls are inevitably hard to reach when it comes to sport and physical activity. We may think that they’re just not interested in the whole idea, current research suggests otherwise.

FunMeFit wants to get everyone involved in getting active, providing help and support to those who might feel discouraged or unsupported to get involved in sports and activities.

Our guest blogger this week, Maggie Ayre explains how teenage girls might not realise how fun being active can actually be and how positive it can make them feel about themselves.

Just What Exactly Does a Fitness Coach for Teenage Girls Do?

By Maggie Ayre

I can be fairly confident when I say that I am the UKs leading Fitness Coach for Teenage Girls. It is a role I have specialised in for nearly four years now, it’s something I enjoy, something I feel passionate about and as far as I know I’m the only person in the UK doing it!


Let me tell you how it all began. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Adviser in 2008 and then gained my CYQ in Teaching Health Related Exercise to Children. I was subsequently approached by one of my local youth clubs to work with a group of teenage girls. These girls wanted to get their bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award but didn’t have anything suitable for the activity section. These girls “didn’t do sport” and arrived at our first section convinced it would be awful and they would hate it. They didn’t and just 12 weeks later I had them performing at a major local youth festival – in just 12 short weeks I had seen their self-confidence and self-esteem soar.


For them it meant that activity was part of their life and they had found a way to be active that they enjoyed. For me it was a humbling experience but also something I am immensely proud of. It also ignited a passion in me and from that point I decided that my goal was to get every teen girl active something I pursue every day.


Since then the role has expanded and I can now call myself an author, personal trainer, course developer, trainer, speaker, group exercise leader, mentor, coach, nutrition adviser and general teen exercise specialist.


I have written three books. The latest; “Nutrition for Exam Success – A Parent’s Guide” is now available on Kindle and will soon be available as a paperback. I also write regularly for several online magazines (,, printed publications and have been featured in the Bournemouth Echo and on BBC Radio Solent.


I run a very successful online 14 day nutrition and fitness plan for teens ( and offer Personal Training for teens both face-to-face and via Skype/email. Recently I have moved away from a focus on exercise to include more nutrition and practical cookery and run Nutrition Workshops which have attracted a different set of teenage girls – if we can get them eating well we can encourage activity at a later date!


I also work in schools delivering my 3G Program designed to re-engage teen girls with PE and promote lifelong activity and I mentor PE departments in practical ways they can re-engage girls in activity at their school.


Every day is different and holds its own challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
My philosophy is that there is an activity we can all enjoy. I didn’t enjoy school PE as a teenager but loved sailing and went on to have great success in that sport.


I believe that teenage girls should be given the opportunity to try a huge range of activities as eventually I am convinced they will find one they enjoy.


Please get in touch with me at or on 07899 984597 if you would like to know more about any of the services I offer.


Read my blogs at and for interesting insights into what I do.


Maggie Ayre is the UKs leading Fitness Coach for Teen Girls. As well as one-to-one and small group nutrition and fitness work with teens she has developed the 3G Program designed to be run at schools as part of the PE curriculum. She also offers mentoring for PE departments on how to re-engage teen girls with PE and has recently published her third book; “Nutrition for Exam Success – A Parent’s Guide” which is now available as a Kindle and paperback at Amazon.

Find Maggie Ayre on our ‘Members’ page too.

Sunday Basketball Tournament for Charity!

May 17, 2012 in News, Uncategorized

Rise-Up Charity Basketball Tournament in aid of Weston Park Cancer Charity and St. Luke’s Hospice managed by our lovely member Katie Robson is taking place this Sunday 12-3pm at Goals Sports Centre, Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield.

Guess what? FunMeFit have entered a team! Team FunMeFit…predictable but to the point…are excited about having an active Sunday and feel it’s all the more worthwhile considering the team will not only be getting some much needed exercise but will be raising some money for the two charities.

Getting your exercise is one thing and great for yourself but if you can incorporate a bit of fundraising into it then amazing! You’re doing something extra special for your community.

If you get chance on Sunday and find yourself at a bit of a loose end then come down and support us (we may need another player!) or give a donation to show your support. We’ll be glad for any support we can get! It also might be a bit of a laugh watching some FunMeFit members who can’t really play basketball…

We want to say a big thank you to the two blokes and complete strangers who have made up our numbers so we could even enter the team as we had a couple of original members drop out. We appealed on a couple of website and they’ve come out of the blue to help us out! Thanks guys – you know who you are!


So please come down and support us! Do you want to sponsor us and help us raise money? Go to our Contact Us page and let us know – we appreciate any help we can get for this great cause!


We’ll be updating the news page soon with the pictures of the team and the event! So keep checking this page or follow us on Twitter @FunMeFit or on Facebook at


New Fun Me Fit Magazine!

May 14, 2012 in News

FunMeFit are always trying to find new ways to reach communities and support sports groups and organisations. This is why this week we’ve launched a new online news and informational magazine for our members and those not yet involved with FunMeFit.

See our first edition here: Community Fitness is the Future

It includes news of recent events and features some of our members such as Pedal Ready, Bike2Basics and Forest Flyerz – they’ve all got some really great activities lined up for everyone to enjoy getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle!

Thanks to Scoop it

FunMeFit Girls Get Pampered for Charity

May 13, 2012 in News

Going out with the girls is always lots of fun, especially if you’re part of the FunMeFit community. What’s better than having a bit of girly fun for a good cause?

The Sick Children’s Trust held a fundraising event at the Sheffield United Ground last night (Saturday 12th May) and it was a ladies pamper night to remember. On sale were clothes, beauty products, make-up, handmade gifts and a range of services like beauty therapists. Best of all were the cupcakes! Yum! (Enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle…)

FunMeFit have always got lots of exciting events like this lined up to support for our members who are part of the Fun Me Fit community. We love nothing more than to help fundraise and raise awareness of worthy causes.

The Sick Children’s Trust supports lots of families with really sick children at a time when families just don’t know where to turn.

Here’s the picture of us girls enjoying an evening of shopping and being pampered for charity:

funmefit girlsWith Kat, Tamzin, Sarah, Nina, Kate (& bump), Sophie, Katy, Katy’s lovely friend and Lucy. Really should have stood in front of something more interesting than a wall and a TV!

Well done to all of the volunteers and the organisers. For more information about the great work that they do, fundraising or supporting The Sick Children’s Trust, see their website here.

If you want to share your fundraising activities with FunMeFit, go to our Contact Us page and we’ll see what we can do to support you.

Getting Pampering for Charity…What’s better?

May 10, 2012 in News

The FunMeFit team like to take part in anything that helps raise a bit of cash for charity and great causes like The Sick Children’s Trust in Sheffield.

This Saturday 12th May, the female side of FunMeFit will be at an exciting event held at the Sheffield United Football Club between 7pm-9.30pm for an evening of pampering, shopping and fun.

We were completely seduced by these words:

“Just relax for a few hours and let the beauticians do their work with treatments and pampering that will make you feel like a million dollars. There is the opportunity to shop until you drop with a wide array of handbags and jewellery on sale and you will also be able to treat yourself to cupcakes and a drink from the bar. There will also be a dance demonstration on the evening”.

Some of us are mummy’s who desperately need a break! Some are ladies of high pressured jobs with little chance to rest and some of us are just your average gal with a little bit of socialising and money raising to do every now and again.

Whatever the reasons, it’s all to help more families with sick children get the support they need – so you don’t need to think of a reason why you can’t make it with your friends. It’s fun, it’s for a laugh and a bit of pampering and for a serious money raising reason too!

Just £5 a ticket and there’ll be a bar and some snacks too!

Come along and meet us there!’_Night/?rand=1420093178

Call Ann to book your last minute tickets for you, your family and your friends on 0114 2717176.

See you there ladies!

Kate xx