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Eat Your Way to Feeling Energized!

April 26, 2012 in News, Nutrition

At FunMeFit, we think there’s no point in trying to help you get active if you’re feeling tired and de-energized. Here’s why our friends at The Mini Cooking Club have written us this article to help you make the right food choices for feeling that extra bit motivated about living an active lifestyle.

Mini Cooking Club

The Mini cooking Club Website

Summer is almost here and we could all do with a pick-me-up, especially after those cold winter months!  Why not try some of these healthy-eating tips?  These should help to give you the energy you need to keep active and make the most of the sunny days ahead.  Enjoy!

Get more iron in your diet

A lack of iron in the blood is a common reason for people feeling tired.  Great sources of iron include green vegetables (such as spinach and broccoli), fortified cereals and red meat.  These can all be enjoyed as part of a healthy, varied diet. 

Tip: Try and limit your caffeine intake when eating foods; caffeine reduces the body’s ability to absorb iron in food.  On the other hand, vitamin C increases uptake, so why not have a glass of orange juice with your meal?

Eat more fruit

Fruit can provide a great energy boost and can be eaten fresh, frozen, dried, tinned or as a juice.  Fruits are associated with many healthy benefits, in addition to providing a natural source of sugar.  Processed foods, with a high sugar content (such as chocolate), can give you a sugar boost for a short period of time, but when your blood sugar level drops, you will probably feel tired and irritable.

Tip: Bananas are a fantastic source of energy and the boost is more sustained than that seen with processed, sugary food items.  In addition, bananas contain tryptophan, which is believed to help you feel good!

Eat more wholegrain

Wholegrain foods, such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, and oats are fantastic!  They contain more nutrients than processed grains (such as white bread), because they are composed of the ‘whole’ of the ‘grain’.  Wholegrain foods digest more slowly than processed grains, which means that your body receives a sustained supply of energy.  In contrast, as processed grains are more easily digestible, the energy boost felt is more short-term; this is likely to make you feel tired, sooner.

Have some oily fish

Oily fish, such as sardines, mackerel and salmon, are all high in omega-3, which is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease.  Oily fish also contains vitamins A and D and iron.  Try to have one portion (140g) of oily fish a week.

Try some nuts

Nuts such as walnuts, peanuts and brazil nuts are a great source of energy and can be easily added to your diet.  Try having a handful as a mid-morning snack, or else add them to a salad.  As nuts can be quite high in saturated fats, try not to eat too many; instead, enjoy these as part of a healthy, varied diet.

Authors: Amah Asomani and Zarah Babakordi


“The MCC is charity aiming to improve the wellbeing of local London communities by providing educational nutrition and cooking workshops.

It is currently running two separate cooking workshops. The main one being “The Cooking with Kids”, which aims to equip children with the necessary skills to prepare and cook nutritious meals. Similarly, the second program, “Cooking For The Family”, has the same objectives as the first, but is targeted towards parents and guardians wishing to improve the diet of their families.

It also tries to focus on expanding peoples’ knowledge and perception of food. The MCC’s recipes come from a wide range of cultures, designed to encourage dietary diversification along with community integration”.

By Cecilia Belier, Founder of The Mini Cooking Club.


FunMeFit Article in Today’s Telegraph!

April 26, 2012 in News, Uncategorized, Website Updates

Our first real bit of media coverage thanks to the Sheffield Telegraph. Let’s hope we get more members and more fun things for families to do!

Let us know what you think on the Discussion Forums!

Big thank you to all of our Supporters!


Getting Pedal Ready for Health

April 24, 2012 in News, Uncategorized

What does the word ‘cycling’ make you think of? A serious pedal bike enthusiast with the slick gear, the high-vis jacket and the annoying road presence, always slowing us car drivers down?

That definition is probably the reason why many of us would choose a car over a bike, we don’t want to be that person who others get annoyed at, naturally. The truth is though that if more of us did cycle to the shops or to work, then more of us would understand the perspective of the cyclist and just how enjoyable and healthy riding a bike can actually be.

Being a pregnant female with a little one under the age of two, I must admit, the thought of cycling didn’t appeal too much to me either and the car always seemed like an easier and safer option. The last thing I wanted to be was another inexperienced cyclist on the road and another casualty for my local A&E to have to deal with.

But as part of FunMeFit, I was asked by Pedal Ready a local cycle training and activity provider to take part in a training session. Admittadly, I thought it would involve a little bike ride up and down the road with someone telling me how I couldn’t ride properly.

In fact, not only did I really enjoy going for a bit of a ride and getting some fresh air but I learned lots about how to ride safely on roads and make myself visable (and more human) to car drivers. Before the training started, David Bocking, the skilled instructor even made some general repairs and improvements to my bike helping not only make the ride easier but more comfortable and enjoyable. I never realised before just how difficult I was making cycling for myself with my tyres being low on air and my seat being too low, making my legs work harder.

The physical effort of cycling was one of the issues that put me off, but once the improvements to my bike and the way I ride were made, I noticed a huge difference in the effort I was having to put in and as a result, it was more relaxing than anything – just what I needed.

It’s these little understandings of using a bike and how to ride safely that make the difference between enjoying a bike ride and finding it a physical but necessary chore.

The power of cycling for physical and mental wellbeing can’t be ignored and Pedal Ready make it an inclusive activity for families and people of all ages to enjoy together at their classes or in private groups/individual sessions.

Some of the activities and training that Pedal Ready run are:

1. Learn to Ride

Supportive fun group sessions for adult or teenage non
riders who want to start riding a bike for the first time (without
bruises) , or for returning cyclists who want to feel less wobbly!
Come along and learn how fun and great for fitness exercise can be!

2. Cycle for Health

Supportive group sessions to improve cycling
confidence at a gentle pace, based in local parks with optional road
skills training if required.

3. Beginners and Born Again Bikers sessions

Gentle paced sessions for adults wanting to gain cycling skills and confidence in a supportive group setting.

Maybe after a little fun cycling training, we’ll all be more understanding of why those people are cycling to work and maybe we’ll be joining them!

Join the Pedal Ready Group on FunMeFit to find out more information on any of the training sessions that the organisation run or see their website:

Bike Right (the equivalent in Manchester):

FunMeFit are proud to support Pedal Ready and other healthy living and well-being organisations/initiatives!

100 Days till the Olympics – Dance Fit to Classical Music!

April 21, 2012 in News, Uncategorized

Last week the Fun Me Fit team saw a spectacularly interesting and unique event at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield – an opportunity for members of the general public to dance themselves fitter to classical music, thanks to Music In The Round and Ensemble 360!

What on earth…? Getting fit to classical music!? We thought.

On 18th April, watching a large group of regular (non-dancing) people learn and follow a physically challenging 20 minute-long dance routine with only an hour and a half to practice was something I thought could never be pulled off for the final event in front of a local camera crew.

Feeling nervous for them as the clock struck 8pm, I watched the little gaggle of children – mainly girls but one brave little boy, some senior citizens and a few enthusiastic ladies follow what had just been learned to an excellent and moving standard. With the relaxing but enlightening music performed by the live orchestra, Ensemble 360 – the beautifully choreographed routine was carried out innocently and lovingly by each member. Even when mistakes in the routine were made, it didn’t seem to matter because the music just made it look fun!

A great achievement by all and Fun Me Fit couldn’t wait to get blogging about it! We are glad that we supported the event.

Classically dance fit for a bit of fun:

Something to try if you’re bored on afternoon – play some nice classical music and teach yourself (and your kids) a few physically challenging steps to a routine of your own design – practice, practice, practice then surprise someone close to you with a great performance! You’ll definitely feel the physical benefits.

Music In The Round are an active member on the FunMeFit website so check them out and connect with them for more information about future events!

#FightObesity Campaign

April 15, 2012 in News

#FightObesity Today: Live a happier Tomorrow

At FunMeFit, we’ve just started the #FightObesity campaign. We’re showing our support to the new official campaign launched by organisations representing almost every doctor in the UK to tackle the growing problem of obesity.


FunMeFit is encouraging more families to use the FunMeFit website and other social media for a more productive purpose – finding or arranging something fun and active to do with your family. Share your achievements with the world – even if that achievement is just the first walk down to the shops in years without taking the car. Meeting new people along the way to do fun and active things with is always a bonus of using social media.

The BBC’s article published on 14th April 2012, Doctors Unite to Combat Obesity found here:

The article outlines the importance of changing from a life of obesity that restricts so much of what can be achieved to a life of health and activity before it’s too late. The current strain on the NHS is massive and the taxpayer is paying the bills – pretty soon the costs will mean that our NHS reaches breaking point.

The story from the BBC reports on the campaign by The Royal Medical College and Faculties, part of Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC), as a major issue affecting public health:

“They describe ballooning waistlines as the single greatest threat to health.

The campaign will start by reviewing the case for fat taxes, promoting exercise, restricting food advertising and other measures.

Efforts similar to those used to reduce smoking are likely to be needed, the BBC has been told.

Almost a quarter of adults in theUK are thought to be obese and some predictions suggest half of children will be obese or overweight by 2020.”

There’s no excuse for it. As the FunMeFit website shows, there are so many things to do within local communities for free from fun dance events, to free groups cycling rides to football groups and bowling, there are cheap options for all the family where getting yourself out of the house is the only part you’d have to organise.

At FunMeFit, we are trying to start the ball rolling by making a big community effort to encourage more people into an active lifestyle. Only those used to an active lifestyle can see the benefits to health, relationships and enjoyment this brings but it is a worthwhile journey.

We want to help those families who don’t even consider exercise as potential fun and prefer to spend hours watching TV or playing computer games – there’s a world out there and a better you where you feel energised and motivated to enjoy your life a little more!

FunMeFit believe in rewarding your efforts to get yourself and others fit! Let’s #fightobesity together.

Go to our Resources page to find more information from our supporters like Change4Life and other news stories.

If you want to get involved or help us in the #FightObesity campaign, use the hashtag on twitter, facebook, tell your friends, write a blog, contact us…Best of all, join FunMeFit and find something active to do to encourage more of your friends, family and community to join you!

A truly Rounderific Event!

April 7, 2012 in News

The FunMeFit team attended South Yorkshire Mixed Rounders FREE Event in the park on Thursday evening and what a great job the Rounders club did!

Laurianne was in charge of running the event on the day and through a bit of shouting a whistle-blowing (with a real whistle), she managed to get everyone running around like kids again in the park with rounders bats.

It’s much more fun than I remember it being at school and there was a great turn out with around 40 people turning up for an evening of exercise and fun. FunMeFit was there to support and promote the event but upon the event finishing, it was obvious that the South Yorkshire Mixed Rounders gang don’t need much help as the game and the people speak for themselves.

What a lovely bunch and I just wish I could have gone to the pub for a drink with the lively lot after the game.

Check out the pictures here:

Big thank you to Nina for your marketing work and all of you FunMeFitters who came along and made the effort to run round a big field!

Thanks for reading,

Kate (wishes she had the energy of a 12 year old again!)