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Fun For Adults? Must Be Rounders!

March 22, 2012 in News

On Thursday 5th April at 6pm in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield, FunMeFit will be supporting South Yorkshire Mixed Rounders as part of their bid to get more of us re-living those fun school days again by taking part in a fun game of…you guessed it, rounders! Obviously, FunMeFit loves this kind of activity!

As kids we may not all have enjoyed sport lessons but there’s something about rounders that is universally…fun. It’s the kind of sport we can play where it doesn’t actually feel like we’re “exercising” – maybe it’s the anticipation of holding that bat (in one hand, not two) and the excitement of hitting it, knowing that you’ve got to run or someone will get you OUT!

It’s the kind of game that gets the heart beating, the legs moving and the brain working more efficiently – just the kind of thing we’re told to do by medical professionals and experts in order to live a healthy and happier life. So why don’t more of us get involved? Laziness? No time? No money?

Well at least one of these problems can be resolved at the event on the 5th April 2012, it’s a free and just for fun. If you want to take it more seriously after that and think about getting fit through it then the social league and the serious competitive league are always looking for new players.

You can find out more information about the event on this website or you can check out South Yorkshire Mixed Rounders and discover more about rounders and the activities of this organisation here: SY Mixed Rounders

Just remember though, the only requirement is that you go with the intention of having fun and enjoying yourself, you don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast. The FunMeFit team will be heading down to Endcliffe Park on 5th April for the fun and definitely not to maintain some level of wonderful super-fitness.

FunMeFit was created because we too need help getting fit and healthy and it’s the activities of organisations like South Yorkshire Mixed Rounders and Rounders England that ensure that families in the UK are never lacking the opportunity or the support.

We’ll be supporting South Yorkshire Rounders and our local community. Please put it in your diary and make sure you come along, even if it’s just to whack a ball really, really hard with a bat that you can only hold with one hand!

Kate Hill, Founder of FunMeFit.

Sports Clubs and Activity Groups

March 20, 2012 in News

To all of the wonderful Sports Clubs and Activity Groups that have signed up to the FunMeFit website.

We’d like to say a big thank you for getting involved in FunMeFit and raising awareness of the diverse and exciting activities that can be found around the UK. Some people think that exercise is what you do in the gym, there are those who may think that walking up the stairs twice a day is easily enough exercise. Whatever our viewpoints, this website is here to showcase exactly what you have to offer the people in your community and that you are accessible.

We look forward to developing a strong relationship with all of our groups and hope that we can help you reach your potential.


Kate Hill

Founder @ FunMeFit